National Puppy Day 23rd March

Is there a more endearing sight than an inquisitive puppy staring at their owner with hopeful eyes, tail wagging in anticipation of a tasty doggie treat or a playful romp in the garden? It’s definitely up there on the cuteness meter as far as we’re concerned!

Even if some readers aren’t dog owners, we’ll bet a healthy sum of money that most of you adore our canine friends and, in particular, grow weak at the knees in the company of a puppy. What’s not to love, apart from the occasional toilet training accident?!

Generally speaking, a puppy is any dog younger than one year of age. After this age, most breeds of dogs will continue to grow physically, and will develop eccentricities and characteristics that become trademarks of their personality.

Such is a puppy’s appeal that the Dogs Trust coined the now-familiar idiom “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas®” over 40 years ago (because of its important status, the slogan is a registered trademark). Even years ago the charity realised that puppies were being bought purely for their appearance, with no consideration as to how the “owners” would take care of the precious little bundles of energy. Caring for dogs is completely different to looking after cats, and thankfully the message has largely sunk in.

23rd March is National Puppy Day, which is the day when dog lovers celebrate the friendship and responsibility every dog brings to happy households all across the world.

Here at Models Direct HQ, we’re used to seeing delightful snaps of all sorts of different dogs, as our Star Pets section of the agency continues to grow every year. Aside from the love and warmth a puppy provides, they are also extremely marketable! Whilst it’s our job to pick out the right pet models for our clients, we place a keen emphasis on their safety and wellbeing, which includes making sure their owners know travelling distances, and reminding them to bring to assignments the necessary food, water, toys and other home comforts to make the job as comfortable as possible. Most of our clients are well versed in working with puppies on set, but it doesn’t harm reminding everyone involved that a happy and healthy puppy makes for a more successful modelling shoot. Take a look at the link below for more information on our Star Pets:

So, how can you celebrate National Puppy Day? The options are countless! Here are just four of them:

1. Share your puppy pics on social media, with the underlying message of puppy wellbeing. Cue hashtags #puppylove.

2. Treat it as your puppy’s second birthday. Buy them their favourite food or treat, or be more creative by knitting them their very own doggie jacket!

3. Never had a doggie photo album? 23rd March would be the ideal day to start a collection of doggy memories. Maybe next year you’ll be “pawing” over them in joyful recollection!

4. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Well, a lot of puppies are quick learners, so have a go! you could call it the art of “puppyteering”!

We wish all puppy owners a Happy Puppy Day. Don’t forget that we are always on the lookout for the next star puppy to be put forward to our clients. The odds of a successful puppy placement starts with us, so make sure you apply on behalf of your purdy pooch here: