The summer days will drift away….don’t forget to take modelling shots of your pets

The days are long, the light is good and hopefully the weather is fine enough to get your star pets out into the sunshine.

As you know, at Models Direct we love nothing more than seeing new seasonal photos uploaded on to an e-portfolio – and that means for pets as well as people!

Not only is it a great time to take your cats, dogs, rabbits and ponies outside because the sun is shining and the backgrounds are beautiful, but it is also worth noting that your furry or feathered friends are likely to look at their very best.

Yes, the rich colours of their fur or plumage should look magnificent out in the sunshine and against the gorgeous, natural shades of the grass, leaves and flowers around them.

To make their new photos look truly summery, choose a lovely clear day, with blue skies and sunshine.

Make sure you position them so the sun is behind you as you focus your camera on them, then we can see all their creature features at their very best.

Choose a lovely patch of lush grass to photograph them on – we want these summery star pet pics to look fresh, colourful and very much of the moment.

Find a few props to bring even more colour into your shots – if you have a pony then perhaps position a pile of nice red apples on a tree stump close by.

If you have a rabbit, some red tomatoes and some nice fresh green vegetables will certainly add a touch of summer.

If you are shooting your cat or dog, then why not bring a container of colourful summer blooms into the side of the shot?

If you are taking pictures of your pet bird, then offer him or her a tasty red strawberry or pink raspberry in one or two of the photos.

These summer fruits are safe for birds to eat and will certainly add that seasonal edge.

If you are taking photos of your star pets this summer, then do try to choose cooler times of day to avoid overheating and possibly increasing their stress levels.

Don’t leave them out in direct sunlight for long periods of time – take them out into the shade between shots to cool down.

And, finally, make sure you give them a good long drink of water before and after your photo shoot.

Your summer pet photos will look amazing – so if your pet is already on our books don’t forget to upload them as soon as possible.

And, if you are thinking of joining us, hurry along and do so before the summer draws to a close and you start thinking about taking autumn pet pictures instead!