Hello Boys: Male Models in Iconic Modelling Adverts

Some adverts have been iconic game-changers on the TV and big screen so much so that whenever we think of them, we think of the models that were featured in them. We’ll take a look at how male models have been a part of revolutionary campaigns in this Models Direct blog!

David Gandy x D&G

If you remember the “Light Blue” fragrance campaign by D&G, you’ll remember seeing David Gandy’s sea blue eyes! He was the star of the show who made the fashion giant’s ad that much more special with his chiselled features, six pack and plunge in and out of the sea! Gandy had a 50-foot billboard displayed in Times Square dedicated to the campaign and reaching 11 million online hits, it was a match made in ad heaven. Years on, (16 years to be precise) it’s still an all-time fav!

Travelling on the London Underground, he’s there now advertising Vitabiotics’ Wellman range as well as featuring in so many other ads for big names over his modelling career – Hugo Boss, Gant, Russell & Bromley, and his own Wellwear line. The D&G ad is a showstopper!

Lucky Vanous x Diet Coke

1994 was the start of the 11:30 Diet Coke break ad, and even though you might not see anything like this on your screens today, it was the beginning of a memorable set of commercials staring model, Lucky Vanous. It was a successful campaign for the giant soft drinks company.

Is this ad jogging anyone’s memory? Well, to help, here’s an outline: a handsome construction worker takes his well-deserved late morning break in the heat, removing his t-shirt, flexing his abs, unknowingly in front of an audience swooning over him, and opening his Diet Coke can, on time, at 11:30, with Etta James’ song making it even more (ahem) catchy.

Tyson Beckford x Ralph Lauren

When it comes to the modelling industry not being so diverse, Ralph Lauren’s Polo Sport fragrance campaign stepped it up with the star of the show – Tyson Beckford. His modelling career took off and he is now one of the most successful black male models in modelling history. Beckford’s striking features and toned physique won him top spots with designers but it’s certainly been Ralph Lauren’s ad that’s had him forever associated with the fashion giant brand.

This blog has focused on some male models who starred in iconic modelling ads. When you think of the brand, you instantly think of them, and that’s the point of powerful campaigns and advertisements. The association is so strong that it makes it unforgettable and forevermore.

If you’re that someone interested in a modelling career, remember, all models started somewhere. Some were lucky to get scouted whilst getting on with their daily routine whilst others got booked through modelling agencies. However it happened, they worked hard to get to where they are even after their memorable campaigns made film, TV and print history. If you like what you’ve read or are interested to explore more on our website, please read our library of blogs, keep tuned with our socials and get in touch with our modelling specialist team. 

In the meantime we’ll share some feedback from our male models with you right here to enjoy:

Model Alan worked on an Alzheimer’s UK shoot where he shared: 

“I had a fantastic first days shoot. My call came first thing in the morning from Gemma. She explained everything clearly and concisely. She was very supportive. When I arrived the team were very friendly and supportive. I felt at ease straight away. I was treated well and enjoyed my first-ever shoot.”

Blake left his review:

“I had my second shoot today for MD and it was great. I really liked the reasoning behind the shoot and was a great experience. Thanks, Blake!”

Models Direct deals with new male models, new bookings and new clients all the time, and our existing ones create more magic and fantastic work. You never know if one of our models one day makes a viral, iconic ad just like the superstars mentioned in this blog!