All Eyes On The US Modelling Scene

Modelling is a multi-billion dollar industry and the USA is the hottest place to see it unfold. If you’re a fashionista or an aspiring model, you’ll know that New York City is the fashion capital of the world but there are also other modeling hot spot states such as Florida, California and Texas. With the likes of…. all hailing from the US, we’re hooked on what’s happening on the American modelling scene.

Across the pond, Models Direct (a top UK modeling agency with over 30 years of industry experience) will explore what it means to model, particularly if you’re based in America.

The lights and cameras focus on models covering a wide range of areas such as fashion, beauty, fitness and commercial. Top models are slaying major fashion weeks (we’re thinking powerhouse cities like New York), gracing the covers of Vogue, and serving as brand ambassadors for luxury brands (most recently Yves Saint Laurent Beauty x Lila Moss!). Modeling in the USA is a highly competitive and lucrative industry – fact. It can be a fierce place to work, and it can take time to become established.

The modeling industry is changing

The strict (almost once impossible to achieve) criteria that models would have to adhere to is now shifting. Much like the UK, the USA’s modeling industry is pivoting and reshaping towards greater diversity and inclusion. It’s becoming more accessible and representative of the wider population so models tapping into this marker won’t find that they’re opportunities are so limited. It’s still a work in progress but certainly not as restrictive as it once was.

Agencies help open modeling opportunities

Modeling agencies play a major role in helping opportunities happen for aspiring and established models whichever category they tap into. With all the modelling divisions out there – editorial, catalog, commercial, promotional, parts, senior, fit, and fitness – models can fit into one or several niches.
Agencies discover and represent new talent, help secure their assignments and projects and negotiate contracts. They can break down the stereotypical modeling requirements and encourage diversity and inclusion. Models Direct are well versed in this narrative as this is what we do for our models in the UK.

Modeling programs and shows

There’s lots of inspiration to draw from the American modeling industry, and with incredible programs and shows, we’ve lined up some of the best that have had us glued to our screens.

America’s Next Top Model

This reality TV competition series has to be at the top of the list. Created by former model Tyra Banks, the mission was set to find the next big thing in the modeling world. It had us at the edge of our seats with contestants participating in photoshoots and modeling challenges whilst shacking up under one roof! Only one model was to be crowned the winner after weekly eliminations. We loved this show!

The Face

The American series only ran for two seasons but sparked a worldwide tidal wave of modeling inspiration with other countries doing their version of the same. Famous supermodels such as Naomi Campbell and Karolina Kukova had goals for looking for the next big model for a popular cosmetic brand in the US and we enjoyed seeing how it unfolded.

Making a Model with Yolanda Hadid

Modeling mama, Yolanda Hadid, (no guesses who her famous supermodel daughters are!) had her reality TV show focusing on aspiring models and their “momagers” living under one roof in NYC. Her expertise in this industry is second to none so it made modeling sense to have her show to demonstrate her impeccable skillset. With weekly eliminations, the last one standing would win a management contract with Yolanda and a potential modeling contract to be represented by IMG Models in New York so it’s no wonder why this one takes a spot in our trio selection.

That’s a wrap! Models Direct has offered a sneak peek into modeling in America, and we hope to continue bringing you more modeling content very soon! Stay tuned!