Being a star on holiday

It’s the holiday season! Whoop-eee!

Some of you may have taken a long overdue break in the sun already, whilst others will be counting down the days to your summer holiday. Wherever you plan on going, a relaxing break can be a massive opportunity to take some social media reels or sassy snaps for your modelling ePortfolio.

Some models prefer not to bask in the sun for long periods due to overexposure to the skin. It’s true that natural sunlight is beneficial for overall wellbeing, but too much of a good thing often has undesirable effects, so be on your guard, particularly when the sun is at its highest (usually between noon and 4pm in the UK). You can read more about looking after your skin here: protecting your skin in the summer
With the “promise” of better weather (do you remember when it snowed in March?!), summer is a grand season to spruce up your ePortfolio with photos full of health and vigour. And if you’re going abroad this year, why not spend a few hours trying out new outfits, or testing your iPhone or camera under a higher intensity of sun?

Rocking your summer look is easier on holiday. We count down the days when we’ll be woken up naturally by bright morning sun, with the faint laps of nearby waves and the gentle humming of locals discussing their day’s plans, or the promise of a luxurious breakfast in a fully-inclusive resort laden with palm trees and swimming pools. Life is just that bit easier on holiday, isn’t it? And with the gorgeous weather, it’s the perfect time to get out your phone and pose for sizzling snaps or reels for your portfolio.
We always recommend that you should be the star of the shoot, so keep your best features as the focus. We also specialise in dozens of “genres” of modelling, amongst them fitness models and hair models, so if you’re holidaying this year (and it doesn’t have to be abroad), experiment with a range of portraits, landscapes and reels to reflect your unique looks and personality. Some examples include:

1. Some envious beach photos to show off your glowing skin to us and our clients.
2. Roll with it on roller-skates along a promenade (watch out for pedestrians!). We’re always looking for new fitness models, so any type of activity would be a welcome addition to your ePortfolio.
3. Let your hair hang out under palm trees.
4. If you’re holidaying in the UK, try to seek out a prominent landmark in the background as a feature, but remember that it’ll serve as a secondary backdrop, as you will be the most important feature in the reel or photo.

5. Holidays often mean family time, so ask a nice and trustworthy third party to take film a short reel of all of you enjoying your time together. We’ve placed modelling families in beautiful locations before, so there’s no reason why your family can’t be the next one. Just ask the Golding family, who were ecstatic to secure a 4 day modelling job in the south of France: Golding family

Experiment with summer clothes and different hairstyles, although your ePortfolio should contain a greater number of images of your current look rather than dozens all with varied looks.
Wherever you’re going, have fun, stay safe and always be on the lookout for opportunities to take photos and reels. You’ll thank us for it, as will our clients. Your ePortfolio will never have looked so great.