Why We Are Called Models Direct

One afternoon, Gemma, our expert castings and bookings agent was having a chat with a newly added male model about his experience with a recent assignment he had landed. He reflected on how delightful our communication had been along with our speedy payment method with a bright smile on his face.

This led to him quizzing Gemma whether this is the reason our agency is called “Models Direct”…because we’re direct! Now what gave him this impression, we wonder? Is it direct because of our fine-tuned communication? Or it is direct because of our seamless model selection process? Or maybe it’s direct as our payment method is speedy.

We’ll explore the ethos behind our company name in this blog. Enjoy!

How our name has had an impact on us as well as everyone we work with

In the modelling world, the name of an agency is just as important as it would be in any other industry.

Our vision was to cut through the noise on the loud centre stage and present an effective name that signals exactly what we do. We wanted to show that we connect diverse and inclusive models directly to a wide variety of clients and vice versa and that we manage our processes directly with intent and zeal like no other in our UK modelling landscape.

When our team put our thinking caps on, many ideas were floating around the boardroom. When “Direct” entered the brainstorming process, it had a phenomenal impact; we felt it was assertive yet relatable – the perfect word we were looking for to sum us up. It was short and sweet but positively influential.

We naturally gravitated to linking “Models” on, as after all, we are a modelling agency and wanted the simplicity and direct association in our name. And voila! The name Models Direct was born.

Fast forward thirty-plus years on, the name reflects a promise we intended to keep – to be transparent, open, and meet expectations with a fair and honest approach.

Have we been able to achieve this? We have! The diverse range of models we have and the tried and trusted clients reflect this.

What we directly offer

We champion directness in our modelling agency and empower our models to directly apply for modelling assignments which we post daily on our website. This gives our talent more control and acceleration in their modelling career goals.

Our team directly encourages our models to reboot their portfolios regularly, submit a current showreel, inform us of special features and characteristics (and of course, any changes over time), and tag us with direct action on set. (Yup, another example of us being direct!)

Our specialist team directly connects them and stays present throughout their modelling experience, whether it’s their first or fifth assignment. So, from opening to closing, we are there, directly by their side.

Trust is another vital factor and we build this with everyone we work with so they can personally see how serious we are with an open line of communication when it comes to understanding expectations and terms.

Would-be models and already-in-our-books models, we hope this has given you an insight into why we chose our name. Our ultimate goal has been to open the doors of opportunities for people who thought they could never become models, and this has been achieved. To find out more about who our models have been booked with, head on over to this page. Happy reading and see you soon!