Extra skills to enhance your ePortfolio

Your ePortfolio is vital to tell us how your looks have changed since you last updated it. More importantly, it’s a direct marketing tool to show our many clients what you can offer them when the ideal modelling job arises.

But there’s so much more to your ePortfolio than a range of photos. Think of your ePortfolio as a comprehensive profile detailing all your skill sets. We’ve mentioned several times that modelling is one of the most competitive industries, with numerous models vying for the best assignments around – courtesy of us, the most trusted modelling agency in the UK. So, there’s no reason why every registered model shouldn’t try to stand out by displaying every skill they might be able to use in assignments.

We have the clients who are looking for a diverse collection of talented models. A lot of our models have qualities other than what they can do in front of a camera. They may need to display impeccable communication, for instance. The ability to listen and to follow directions is a must. Punctuality and persistence are two more qualities that rank high on models’ lists.

But there are plenty of other useful skills that we need to know about. If you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em. Not telling us about certain skills could be the difference between being recommended by us and not being chosen by the decision makers – that’s our clients.

Here is a list of extra skills models need to consider. If any are applicable, be sure to let us know on your ePortfolios.

1. Dance & the arts. This can be an asset on your ePortfolio for several reasons. It assumes a social character, dexterity and creativity. Clients want to know if models have certain skills that really come alive on assignment, and dancing could be the deal-breaker. If you fancy yourself as a top singer, prove it to us! If you take dance lessons, organise them for your friends or just enjoy bopping away, show us what you can do by uploading reels. Read up on tips for creating reels here.

2. Sporting ability. If you’re an athletic sort, show off your sporting savvy to enhance your chances of being chosen for sports and fitness modelling jobs. Whether you get out your tennis racquets or pose in Lycra, summer is the ideal time to display toned physiques. Not that you need to be toned; being confident and listening to instructions is the key to every modelling job.

3. Linguistics. Some people are blessed with being able to speak several languages. This skill could come in very handy, so make sure you let us know if you’re a dab hand in Spanish or fluent in French. Maybe you’re a maverick at Mandarin Chinese or excel in Italian. Don’t keep your talents in the shade – let us know!

4. Love of animals. We not only have many opportunities for pets – we sometimes need models that have a genuine affinity for animals, including horse riders and dog handlers. Get involved on your ePortfolio and you could soon be starring in our next animal-related modelling job.

5. Other skills. Think creatively. Think of advertising campaigns that have used props to get their point across. These could involve riding bikes or looking fantastic in fancy dress!

We have the largest number of clients around to satisfy any specific skill that our models could use in their next assignments. But if we don’t know about them, we can’t put them forward for consideration.

Don’t be timid – proudly tell us which skills you have, and we’ll be more than happy to recommend them to our clients.