Summer modelling shots can make you shine – here are our seven top tips…

The lovely, long summer is stretching ahead of you and it’s time to start walking on sunshine.

As this wonderful season gets underway we at Models Direct always encourage our models to take a new set of sizzling hot new modelling shots or to get out and about with a video camera.

Summer is a great time to make the most of blue skies, lush green backdrops and longer days with different depths of natural light.

But before you start snapping, have a quick look at some top tips:

1 Give your phone or camera lenses a good wipe before you head out as there can be a lot of dust about at this time of year. Perhaps take a microfibre cloth or moist camera wipe out with you too.

2 At Models Direct, we don’t require professional photography (although, of course, you can upload professionally taken photos to your e-portfolio if you have any) so ask a friend or relative to play camera person for the day. That way you don’t have to worry about working with timers.

3 Taking photos in bright, glaring sunlight can present problems if you don’t have specialist equipment. It is often better to get out and about earlier or later in the day.

4 Ask your photographer not to aim directly towards the sun – they should position themselves with the sun behind them. Shooting straight into the sun will just put you in shadow – and it is you that we want to see! Experiment with different poses, movements and positions to ensure you aren’t squinting. Avoid lens flare by making sure the sunlight does not hit the lens directly.

5 Try shooting in the shade too. You can still make the most of the gorgeous summer backdrops and light but you may well find there is less glare.

6 Practise using the different settings on your phone or video camera. You may be able to adjust the exposure and different levels of brightness to find a setting that makes you stand out in all your summer colour and detail but without being too harsh.

7 Remember to ensure you are wearing a sun product with an SPF of at least 50. Avoid staying in the sun for long stints and make sure you stay well hydrated.

Have fun on your photo or video shoot and enjoy sorting through the images or editing your video when you get home.

We would love to see the results of your summer day’s work up there on your e-portfolio.

New models who have not joined us yet, why not plan a summer photo shoot like this, then send us one of the pictures when you fill in your form to find out more about working with us?