I’m thinking about modelling – what should I do?

Modelling is either a great pastime or a fantastic job – it’s up to our models to decide which of these best describes it!
That’s because modelling can fit into a busy schedule as a part-time alternative (almost ad hoc work), or as a more long-term job. When you’re a Models Direct model, it’s entirely your choice when deciding how many assignments you go for if put forward for suitable roles. How convenient is that?

If you’re bright-eyed and keen to begin your modelling dream, there’re a few matters of consideration other than “Am I the right look?”

Speaking of that question, you’ll probably be the “right look”, although we don’t like to use that expression. “The right look” is best reserved for extravagant catwalks, where models flaunt designer clobber for prospective buyers. We’re not in that market, and we like to think our models are more valuable than walking mannequins! The reason why we’re sure you’ll have a much better chance to work with us is because our clients aren’t looking for catwalk personalities- they’re screaming out for people of all ages that appeal to the wider general public. And that means just about anybody!

So, you’re thinking about modelling, right? The first thing you should do is give yourself a hearty pat on the back, because it really is an enjoyable experience, where both newcomers and more experienced models consistently relay to us how much fun their assignments are.

The second thing to do is to have complete confidence in yourself: how you carry yourself, how you interact with new people, how flexible you can be and how your looks can benefit our clients. Unless you have the exceptional distinction of being one half of exactly identical twins, your looks are already unique…and we want to see them!

Next on the list – have a look at our FAQs to shed some of light on the commercial modelling industry.

Or, our friendly team is at the other end of the phone! Come and talk to us!

Remember, we’re not talking about catwalkers here. All our models can found walking down the high streets near you, so there’s no reason why you can’t join them.

The next step is have a peak at our clients. They are the ones that ultimately choose the models. Our job is to propose the models we know they are looking for, and this is reason enough for models to update their portfolios with current photos that reflect changes in their looks. Take a look at the some of the hundreds of brands we regularly work with.

You won’t be surprised by them, as they are some of the most recognised companies out there. Yep – we only work with trusted brands, and a lot of them have big budgets!

So you’ve got commercial modelling looks, dipped into some research and now you’re familiar with the kinds of clients on the lookout for modelling talent. What next? Enrol with the biggest(and best, dare we say) modelling agency in the UK. That’s us, by the way. All we need is two clear headshots and a completed simple online application form. Here’s the link, folks: https://www.modelsdirect.com/faqs/application/

And before you have any niggling doubts, we don’t ask for any modelling experience. As “everyday” people, our models gain more experience the more assignments they undertake, but everyone’s got to start somewhere! Check out the plethora of model reviews from people just like you:

If you’re selected by our clients, we oversee the whole booking, including sending out travel information and collecting your fees within five working days – the best fees in the business.

What should you do if you have genuine thoughts about modelling? Being on the books of Models Direct will give you the best chance of being seen by our clients. After that, the rest could be history!