Hey baby, you are changing so fast – why it’s vital to update your toddler’s photos

Here at Models Direct we love to see your baby pictures – but we also love to see your toddler photos and images of your little one as he or she progresses through childhood.

This is the time when your gorgeous girl or beautiful boy changes the most and it is essential that you show us exactly what they look like right now.

One moment your bundle of joy is a cheeky little thing with a fluffy head and toothy grin, taking his or her very first steps….

…..then before you know it they are running about with proper haircuts and a full set of pearly whites!

When our clients put a request in to us for a certain type of child model, we and they need to know that the pictures we are looking at really look like the person they might select.

We cannot stress just how important it is that, if they request your toddler for a shoot, he or she must look exactly like the images they have considered.

If they select a beaming toddler with a gappy grin and a full set of soft brown curls, they don’t want a child with all their teeth and a neat “ready for nursery” haircut arriving at the shoot.

This may result in them turning you and your toddler away on the day – wasting their time, our time and, above all, your time.

So how do you overcome the problem of baby and toddler models changing so much on an almost daily basis:

  • Set a reminder in your calendar to take a set of new pictures and upload them at least once a month. This should be frequently enough to capture the changes you may not be noticing.
  • Take a new set of pictures every time you cut their hair. We appreciate that haircuts don’t always make a dramatic difference, but sometimes they do – and they happen with regularity so they can be a good marker.
  • If you are growing your toddler’s hair, take some new photos every inch or so, especially if you notice you are now tying the hair back or clipping it up.
  • Take a new set of pictures when your little one achieves the major milestones – new teeth, walking, running, clapping, eating and drinking by themselves and speaking. These are all stages our clients may well be interested in reflecting in their photo shoots and films.
  • Think about the seasons – why not show us your toddler in spring, summer, autumn and winter wear?

Follow our top tips on how to take great shots of your little one.

As well as reflecting the constant changes of your child model, we like to know you are updating your child’s e-portfolio regularly.

It means we know you are reliable, are likely to have all other details up to date and that we can count on you to be a great chaperone to any modelling assignments your toddler may be selected for.