Combating stress

Imagine living in a completely stress-free world.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Sadly, stress is one of the most common psychological barriers we all have to overcome at some point. Modelling is normally both worthwhile and rewarding, although models and personnel are as susceptible to stress just like everyone else.

Stress is how we respond to being under pressure, and the levels of stress can be monitored by how we react to being vulnerable or threatened. People respond in different ways when under pressure; some cope better than others, whilst many of us “throw in the towel” at the first signs of stress.

No one is impervious to stress, and the tendency is that stress accumulates over time. Stress affects most aspects of our lives, be it mentally, emotionally or physically. It’s only natural. We pride ourselves in doing our very best to ensure our models enjoy their work in stress-free environments, but not everything can run smoothly all the time. We’d be in denial if we thought things are perfect all the time!

But there are ways to combat anxieties and reduce stress levels. So here are Models Direct’s top suggestions to tackle stress. If only one of them works for you, then this blog has just its job!

1. Don’t bottle stress up. Clear communication with a trusted friend, colleague or family member is a good starting point, because it helps immensely if someone else knows what you’re going through. It’s often true that “a problem shared is a problem halved”, and the more you discuss your stress with others, there’s no reason why the problem can’t be quartered!

2. Put pen to paper. Mental thoughts can sometimes be diminished when they appear in black and white, so write down what is causing stress, then break down the sources of stress into smaller portions. The source – and solution – to stress can often be realised quicker when it’s staring at you.

3. Prioritise. Not only in your working day, but also in your family / social life. It’s amazing how we try to fit everything in, when sometimes it’s only the important things in life that are worth doing!

4. Be healthy. Not only physically beneficial, eating correctly is a powerful tonic for mental wellbeing. Don’t skimp on the fruit & veg, and drink at least two litres of water daily. By all means indulge in the odd alcoholic tipple, but don’t rely on them. And remember – alcohol can affect sleep patterns. Which brings us on to…

5….In the land of nod. Stress can make it difficult to sleep, which can have detrimental effects the next day. Try to be relaxed before going to bed, and experiment with different ambiences: light intensity, temperatures, bedding etc. And try not to “snooze” in the morning – waking up at consistent times will create a more healthy body clock.

Models Direct female model Annie on recent boking for Soak & Sleep

6. Plan ahead. In any given week, create two or three days (or just a couple of hours twice weekly if you’re really busy) where you take part in activities that you want to, and no one else. A little bit of “me time” is crucial for relaxation and social enjoyment, both helping to lower levels of stress.

7. Stay active. No, you don’t have to endure five mile runs every day, but you do need to remain enthusiastic and involved. Stress during long periods of inactivity is often heightened, so keep your mind and body active. Go on – you can do it!

8. We love social media – it’s both valuable and useful – but sometimes it feels like there’s nothing but bad news on all media platforms. Take a few hours out of the day to avoid social media…it’s not going away, and you can catch up at a later time. Why not settle down to solve a crossword, or spend time in your favourite chair with an engrossing book? You’ll thank us for it!

Don’t let stress beat you. Communicate, be healthy and don’t get stuck in a rut. You’ll be full of beans in no time!