Dads, have you ever considered modelling?

Young fathers, older dads and even grandads – we need you!

Our clients are always on the lookout for chaps to play the role of family men in their photo shoots.

And we –and those we work with – are only too aware that real-life dads often know just how to interact with children on set and in front of a camera.

So many products and services these days are aimed at families and so many of the requests we receive from clients are for dads, mums, youngsters and even grandparents.

We work for supermarkets, major high street shops, holiday companies and leisure operators, all of whom want to tempt families to buy into whatever it is they are offering.

And as such, they ask us for models to step into those roles.

Some of our male models are dads who join us along with their sons and daughters.

Some sign up with their wives or partners too – and some are even part of multigenerational family groups, where grandparents also come along to modelling shoots.

We have dads of all ethnic backgrounds and heritages; we have dads who are raising their children as single parents and others who have husbands or male partners.

There is a unique chemistry between dads and their own children and even when fathers are working with other people’s youngsters the camera picks up just how natural they are.

Our modelling dads all have their own reasons for joining us – and sticking with us.

And a quick browse through our reviews will give you the chance to hear exactly what appeals to them about working with us.

Models Jay and Daniel, for example, have both played the roles of dads in shoots for us.

Jay said:

“It was a brilliant experience modelling alongside a great child talent in a Christmas gift-themed shoot.

“The other model and parent were very professional and the team likewise – and with great energy. It was a very pleasant experience.”

Daniel said:

“Thanks Models Direct for giving me this opportunity, I have been with Models Direct for two years and finally had my first shoot for Morrison’s cafe.

“What a brilliant experience. Charlie was lovely to talk to and gave me quick responses, and she’s amazing in getting everything sorted. I was also able to meet some fantastic new other first timers, Princess Marnie and Keely, and we all had a great day.

“I am definitely looking forward to more opportunities.”

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