Modelling when you are 60+

60 year olds don’t need to prove anything.

They’ve been there, done it and bought the proverbial fashionable T-shirt. They’re an experienced bunch, with some thinking about retirement if they haven’t done so already. Living lives rich in adventure, the 60+ crowd are open to new experiences. Modelling might not be on the radar for some, but it’s a very real option for anyone with a desire to try something different.

We’ve placed hundreds of older models in high profile assignments throughout the country. They’ve been eager to dive headfirst into modelling jobs, working with professional photographers and amazing video crews to help brands maximize their advertising.  

But we’re not stopping there. We want to offer even more modelling jobs to older people to keep up with the growing demand. That’s something that some readers might not appreciate: commercial modelling isn’t solely for the “young”. Commercial modelling has flourished for many years because brands require people of any age and background. It’s the sheer diversity of talent we’re able to recommend to clients that sets us apart from other agencies.

In a lot of cases, only more mature models will do. Our clients often send us specific briefs, so we’re aware of the value of models in their later years. They’re just as beneficial as any other age bracket, so if you’re in your 60s (or 70s / 80s), give modelling some serious thought and you could be picked by our clients just as the plethora of older models have already done.

What can you expect when you become a Models Direct model?

After registering with us, you’ll be on the books of Europe’s most trusted modelling agency. That’s probably what attracts most of our models, who join us looking for either part-time work or several jobs so they can amass the best experience for a potential modelling career.            

You can then have access to your personal Models Direct portfolio. This is an effective tool to make sure you keep us up to date with any changes in your looks. Whenever we recommend models to our clients, they’ll look at a model’s portfolio to help them make their final decisions – therefore it’s absolutely vital that models of all ages make sure their portfolio images and contact details are accurate. It’s a model’s responsibility, so please remember to upload new photos every month or so.  

If chosen by clients, models can expect to work with some of the most famous brands in the country. We pay our models within 5 working days from the end of the assignment, and they have fun in professional settings, making friends and obtaining contacts along the way. It’s no wonder that commercial modelling is in a good shape.

We’re a progressive bunch. We want to make 2024 an even bigger year for everyone involved. 60 year old-plus models are crucial to the industry, with their popularity soaring.

If you’ve ever thought about mature modelling, you can’t be in a better place than applying with us. We’ll look forward to helping you realise your dream by receiving your application and seeing which talents you have.

Sometime soon, you could be adding the role of “commercial model” to your extensive list of work experiences.