A Complete Guide to Family Modelling

Families are wonderful social units which can vary widely across societies. They are bound by emotional connections and provide love, support and a sense of belonging.

Whether you’re a blended family, single parent, living with your gran or siblings, family structures can vary greatly from one to another – no two are the same. The unconditional love felt in your family is a magical and unique feeling like no other.

So, why are we talking about families? Our UK modelling agency is searching for more families to come on board and share their unconditional love. Just as huge as your love is for each other, so is the demand for family modelling. Families can bring a unique and valuable perspective to modelling.

How can you get started if you’re all interested in working together and having fun as a family modelling team? Models Direct will fill you in right here:

Find the right agency that will represent you

If you’re having a look around for an agency to represent you, find one that is happy to have your family together regardless of what your personal situation and circumstances are. Clients are now portraying families in their marketing campaigns like how families are in real-life scenarios. An agency that is inclusive of how your family is, is how you’d want to be portrayed. Speak to the agency, see what their mission statement is and what others have to say about working with them – models and clients. If you want to find out more about what ours have to say about us, take a look here.

Keep your portfolio as busy as you are

Families are busy! There’s always something going on. From being in and out of the house to studying online or in an educational setting, or working from home or at the office. Whether you enjoy a routine or would prefer chaos, you can document your family in action in a personalised portfolio. Agencies and clients will look at your portfolio to see your family’s diverse looks and styles to get an idea of who you are. Keep yours up to date so that any growth spurts, hairstyle changes, new piercings and tattoos, or glasses and braces can be documented in your portfolio.

Show your diverse skills

If you have wonderful skills such as singing, dancing, acting, painting, knitting, playing an instrument or playing a sport (this list is by no means exhaustive but it shows the kind of range that we’re talking about), then let your agency know. Everyone wants to be in the know about all the exciting skills you and your family have mastered.

Stay up to date with fashion and beauty trends

Being in the modelling industry means keeping up with trends in the fashion and beauty world. You can take images of your family in the latest season’s apparel or wearing the newest hair, makeup and nail colours and patterns.

Everyone’s family is structured in diverse ways but that doesn’t mean that agencies should only be looking for a traditional family set-up. Our long-standing agency, Models Direct promotes team spirit, inclusivity and diversity where everybody is not just somebody but somebody important. This means carrying all family structures such as blended families and single-parent families through successful campaigns that realistically reflect today’s society. 

If you want to make it as a family modelling squad, you can sign up here, and if you’re a client looking to hire a family modelling team, you can hire here.