Modelling in your 40s

What a time to be alive!

40-somethings have the wisdom and experience to be well-grounded, yet they’re young enough to get away with behaviour reminiscent of someone twenty years their junior.

People in their 40s will have clocked up so many envious adventures, with their “bucket list” containing several ticks. They are largely fearless and go with the flow, supremely content that middle age is approaching. Whether they have children or are married, happily single or stubbornly career-minded, the 40-something brigade is old enough to have a life plan – irrespective of whether they stick to it!

Are you too old to become a commercial model in your 40s? Absolutely not. There is no age restriction, and we want to see as many different looks as possible. If you have a “traditional” model look or see yourself more as a sports or plus size model, being in your 40s is no barrier for success.

We’ve enjoyed placing many 40-something-year-old models in top modelling jobs for years. Because brands regularly request models of specific ages, we know that modelling in your 40s is a totally viable job – or at least, an achievable hobby. We receive many briefs suiting this age bracket, so we’re confident in predicting that the demand will remain high throughout the year…and beyond.

Modelling in your 40s can be as life-changing as you make it. Signing up with a reputable agency is the first step to new modelling experiences. Once you’ve registered, we’ll put your looks in front of the clients who make the final decision. We’ve had plenty of models of all ages content with securing only a handful of jobs, as their busy life dictates they can’t accept all the jobs that come their way.

Though everyone is different, it’s perhaps fair to say that most 40-somethings occupy themselves with work and a strong social life, including sports and a range of hobbies. We understand that a lot of them simply won’t have the time to accept all modelling assignments, nor do we think that the majority of them have strong desires to become full-time commercial models; many are happy to model ad hoc when it’s convenient. We keep up-to-date with current trends and lifestyles, so although we’re aware that plenty of assignments come directly to us from our clients, we appreciate that not everyone be able to fulfil the every job. Life in your 40s can be pretty hectic, although you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

If you’re in your 40s, you’ll have the independence and confidence to shine working with our clients, many of whom are big-hitters in their industries. You’ll have the chance to work with marketing agencies on set, and to add further strings to your bow. That’s exactly what our extensive of female and male have done, and we’re increasing the number of models on our books to cope with the ever-surging rise in demand for talented models. 

It’s a great time to be in your 40s. With a little push, you could make it even better by adding “commercial model” to your already impressive CV.