All made up and somewhere to go – makeup trends for winter 2021

Big, bold and beautiful – that’s the theme this winter when you pick up your brushes and sponges and start thinking about your makeup…

Strong eyes, splashes of colour and lips that leap out to make their own statement are all catwalk looks that you might like to emulate yourself for a little fun.

Classic smoky eyes, with heavy black liner, have made a reappearance this season and are key to creating a smouldering look to go with your evening wear and party dresses.

Follow in the steps of Chanel and Dior to create the sultry style. Add extra emphasis with a matt black shadow.

And guys, this can look just as good on you as it does on the girls – choose to pull back on the shadow if you are feeling less daring, but a little liner can work wonders.

Those wanting something more fun, however, might like to bring in some of the bright colour trends of this season.

Among the fashion houses giving their models a chance to sport some superb shades, was Versace who went big with sweeps of blue or pink across the top lid.

You could do the same – and you could have a lot of fun with the look.

Guys and girls, why not shake it up a little and mix and match on this one for your nights out?

Double up and go for the same shades or mix and match by taking a different colour each.

This look can also be carried off beautifully by picking the lip colour out in your clothing or opting for a totally black outfit to set it off.

Alternatively, you could take the colour away from the eyes and down to the lips.

Dolce & Gabbana went for a futuristic but fun streak of colourful lipstick on their models to lead their look.

Try azure blue or emerald green, as well as a glorious choice of pinks.

Finally, red is also big this season, with the likes of Carolina Herrera choosing to complement gorgeous red outfits with bold red lips.

This can be a killer look during the day as well as the evening. Dress down a little but then strike a strong note with vibrant red lips.

And chaps, red is big for you too this season.

While you might not want to step out with lips to match your red jacket, unless you are feeling particularly out there, why not work with your partner or friend to have fun with the colour?

Your red attire could tie in with their red lips – and could contribute to making you a killer couple worthy of more than a second glance!