Acting the Part – Why Stage and Screen Experience Can Help Models

Children and adults alike who have acting experience may well find this stands them in good stead when it comes to commercial modelling…

Whether they have been in a school play, taken drama classes or appeared on stage or screen in something significant, it will only be beneficial.

Not only does this kind of experience assist you during the assignment itself – after all, all modelling requires some degree of acting and playing a different role, but it also brings other qualities.

Acting brings confidence and self-awareness when in front of a camera on a film set or during a photoshoot.

It teaches you how to take direction and how to work with others who are also in front of the camera – and it can give some understanding of costume, makeup and props.

We recognise the many benefits that acting experience brings, which is why we ask you to make sure you tell us about anything relevant in your portfolio.

Our clients are also only too aware of it, and they will also take this into account when making their final selection.

This does not mean that models and potential models without acting experience should immediately rush out and sign up for classes, but, if you are looking for a new pastime, perhaps give it some thought.

Likewise, children who are keen to move into modelling or acting should perhaps think about joining a drama club or class or signing up for the school play.

Above all, doing this will be an enjoyable experience that will contribute to your development as a well-rounded and self-assured individual.

And, if it helps you on your way to achieving those modelling assignments you would like too, well that only serves to make it an even more advantageous pastime.