Do I need to pay for photographs?

We encourage anyone to think about becoming one of wonderful commercial models. All we ask is endless enthusiasm, and that you read a little about us before taking your first step and applying with us.

The reason why we say anyone can become a commercial model is, quite simply, they can. We always stress that the application process is quick and simple, and that models don’t need to have had experience. It’s an open field for any applicants.

Modelling with us is very accessible. One of the bonuses for any of our new models is that we don’t insist on them spending sums of cash on photographs. There are many photographers that apply their trade with complete professionalism, and let’s hope they continue to do so. Paying a professional photographer will undoubtedly result in getting high-spec images, useful for portfolios or adding to an album. But for acquiring work at Models Direct, seeking the services of a professional photographer is not necessary. We wouldn’t want to advocate spending hard-earned cash on a professional when it’s not necessary for a Models Direct application.

We like to make the registration process as simple as possible. It helps prospective models when there’s no superfluous small-print, and it speeds up operations at our end. Photos are obviously vital for the initial registration, but we just need to see a couple of clear frontal headshots in the first instance. These can be taken by any Smartphone, adding to the convenience when applying.

Whilst we tell our models that they don’t need professional photos, we do insist on a few necessities when applying. This is for the model’s benefit as much as it is for ours. Photos should be:

  • Headshots only, including the shoulders
  • Clear, free of shadows
  • Taken in a well-lit room against a neutral background  
  • Not “selfies” – ask a friend with a steady hand to snap away
  • Of a model smiling naturally, not forced.
  • At eye level
  • A clear representation of you – after all, that’s what our clients will look for when making their decisions
  • Of a recommended height : width ratio 5 : 4
  • Clear of make-up, excessive jewellery and headwear
  • A chance to show off characteristic features such as tattoos, but the emphasis must still be on natural features, e.g. eyes, cheek bones etc
  • Of you, only, with no one else stealing the limelight

Like we said, the initial application is pretty simple.

Once you’re happy with the (free) photos, select the best two and upload them to your application.

When we’ve received it, we’ll be in touch.

It’s exciting for models to take more photos as their looks change, whether it’s a change of hairstyle, more piercings or tattoos. These modifications can be uploaded to your portfolio at later stage. We recommend updating your portfolio every month or so, to show us and our clients you have the hunger to secure modelling work.

So, no professional photos are needed – just your desire, enthusiasm and natural looks. When you’ve registered, we’ll see what you can offer, and we look forward to being in touch with job offers.