How often should I update my child’s pictures?

Adult models must update their portfolio photos regularly for one main reason: a range of current images gives every model a better chance of being selected by our clients. This is a fact, and that’s why we constantly remind our talented adult models to dip into their portfolio pictures every so often – say, every four-six months.  

When it comes to child models, we recommend that pictures are updated slightly more regularly. It’s hard to give an exact timescale, but every three months is a solid foundation to gain maximum exposure to our clients.

And toddlers? Even more frequently – every two months is a good starting point.

Why the difference between adults and children updating pictures? Children can modify their looks just like adults, but their physical appearance naturally changes more drastically. A child’s development is far more obvious, with their looks transformed seemingly over a very short period of time. Over just a few years, children can look strikingly different from the one they were five years ago. It’s the beauty of growing-up, and one of the reasons why child models have always been in demand. The constant evolving of physical appearances coupled with a growing awareness of fashion means that children can be put forward for an impressive array of modelling jobs.

This is great news for children and parents alike. We’ve been working alongside some of the world’s favourite and trusted brands for well over 30 years, and we’ve seen a considerable increase in the demand for younger models. This trend looks set to become even more popular with our clients, with new products and campaigns requiring child models increasing in number all the time.

Just as a change in a child’s physical appearance is consistent with biology, a regularly updated portfolio is consistent with a model being put forward to our clients more often. Our most successful models – from children to more mature models – follow our advice to keep their portfolios up-to-date with photos of their current looks. For clients to see a true and contemporary image of the most suitable for their advertising / marketing needs, they must be presented with an accurate photo of that model. This is paramount for any model who has registered with us, but it probably needs to be done more often in the case of children.

Most children, on average, grow 5-7 centimetres annually, and gain roughly 6 lbs (3.5 kg) until puberty. After that, the physical changes in teenagers are plainly evident. They’ll outgrow clothes (cue sibling “hand-me-downs”…), maybe develop an interest in cosmetics and jewellery, and be generally more conscious about their look. These are even more reasons to keep a child’s portfolio as contemporary as possible.

If a child model (or their parent) gets into a habit of logging-in and updating a couple of current pictures every couple months or so, then the more it’ll become customary. And that’s half the battle.

We love to see our models experimenting and developing in their looks. More crucially, so do our clients – and they’re the ones who make the final decision. Don’t let a stagnant portfolio stand in the way of modelling success.