Photographing Children in the Winter

Did you enjoy the abundant autumnal sunshine we had the privilege of experiencing this year? The winter is fast-approaching and usually we’d be feeling left apprehensive about the chilly days ahead but guess what? We’re not taking that outlook for this season because we’re switching our perception and looking to the best ways of utilising the weather we’ll have. Models Direct is bringing this mini guide to photographing children during this season – the wonderful winter.

Take advantage of the bright light

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed it too but the winter sun is different to all the other seasons. It has it’s own character when the shorter days come into effect, and when it’s out, it really doesn’t let anyone down. It gloriously shines and we love the special warmth it omits.

It’s lovely when we get ourselves outdoors to appreciate it and when our children play around and tumble in frost coated leaves amongst the tired trees and quieter wildlife under its beam of light. So often we reach for our smartphones and take stills of moments in time to remember forever. This builds a great relationship with our phones! We associate good times with taking photos. If you’re a parent or guardian of a child model, you’ll know just how essential this is when building your little sweetheart’s portfolio.

Our tip: take advantage of the natural light even in winter because nothing is more pleasing to the lens than real light.

Be winter-ready with all clothing essentials

Sometimes the winter chill can take us by surprise. Be ready with the right clothing to protect yourself, and your children, from the sharp cold snap. With practical and super cute accessories, you can have your camera on standby for those all-important pics to show off the winter to its full extent. How could anyone not be drawn by cute mitts, woolly hats, super soft scarves and cosy coats? Get your kids kitted up, ready to rough and tumble play in the snow (or whatever weather awaits) and remember to take some wonderful snaps along the way.

Action shots

We love these types of images. Even though modelling does entail following instructions and unveiling modelling prowess when you’re booked for work, it’s nice to step back and take candid snaps of your child in motion. Throwing snow in the air, gliding down a cold slide or running through arid leaves are just a snippet of winter themed scenes you can capture. Although, we would recommend avoiding any images that are unclear or incorporating the camera shake effect. Just keep it simple and clear.

When it comes to professional child modelling, you’ll find that projects will entail adventure and bringing out your child’s character because after all, they’re spirited, energetic fun-loving mini adults!

We hope this pocket-sized guide has given you some ideas for the winter and getting those lovely festive images to add to your child’s ePortfolio collection. Have any ideas of your own? DM us to fill us in.