Modelling together this autumn and winter – seasonal opportunities for families

November and December tend to be times of year that we are often with our loved ones, so what better time is there than right now to consider modelling with your family?

At Models Direct, we love families of all varieties and would love to hear from yours if you think you all might enjoy having a go at modelling together.

While we never guarantee work to any of our models – whether they are individuals, couples or families – we are often approached by clients seeking family groups for assignments.

If possible, our clients love to employ real families rather than individual models put together for the shoot to look like a family group.

This is because genuine families have that special chemistry and ability to work together and support each other.

It also makes arrangements to attend assignments much easier, and if there are any last-minute changes in information – such as required clothing or props – we only have to contact one set of people!

So, whether you are a one, two, three or four-child family, we’d love to hear from you.

You may be a blended family, a single parent family or a family with two dads or two mums.

You may be a multi-racial or mixed heritage family or a family where grandma or grandad would also be interested in modelling with you!

If so, over the coming weeks, we would like you to think about whether there might be any great opportunities for taking some lively family photos together.

Do you plan to sit down together to make festive food or decorations, for example? Are there any parties, shows or displays that you might all be attending?

Are you planning any Christmas trips out to see the lights, visit winter markets or even see Santa Claus?

Any of these could be wonderful chances to take some fun, colourful images of everyone together.

Just remember we need to be able to see everyone’s faces clearly and we need the photos to be clear and well lit.

If your pictures turn out well, why not read the reviews from some of our other modelling families and then fill in our form to find out more.

You never know, 2024 could be an exciting modelling year for you and your family – it could be the year you get to do something new and very different together!