Can I Turn Down a Booking?

It’s okay to say no.

In this blog, we will focus on this burning question as we’re sure that many of you new or would-be models are wondering if you can decline a model booking. The answer is, yes, you most certainly can. But when and how might be two other areas you’re curious about too.

Models Direct will discuss this and how you can communicate your decision if you wish to turn down a modelling assignment. Let’s dig deep and explore more:

It’s an exciting time when you’ve received a phone call from one of our dedicated modelling coordinators to inform you that you’ve been selected by a client for an upcoming assignment. You’re chuffed! What a great moment to enjoy and celebrate! You’ll be soon on your way to a gig that will ignite your modelling senses and add to your experience in this career. Or will you?

You’re not one for letting anyone down but you have a few factors niggling at the back of your mind. You might not be able to fit it in or if it’s for your baby, child or teen, then they might not be available for the specified date(s). There could be a multitude of valid reasons why you’re availability might be tight such as:

Advance commitments or obligations

We’re thinking of pre-scheduled appointments or unmissable family events. There could be other examples depending on your personal circumstances but if the commitment coincides with the assignment date, then it’ll override it hands down.

Overlapping bookings

A double booking can accidentally happen, after all, we are human. The positive takeaway is that you, your family modelling team or your baby/child/teen is in demand! Should this occur, then it’s a valid reason to decline a new assignment.

Educational engagements

If you or your child is a student then their academic timetable is essential to follow. Taking a day off from school isn’t recommended as you’ll be missing out on school work (not to mention any fees for unauthorised absences). Other academic responsibilities such as exams, exam preps, study periods and so on, could conflict with the gig.

Health issues

If you have any health-related barrier or sudden decline in health near a modelling assignment, then it would be wise to pass the job at that particular time.

Travel restrictions

Some assignments might mean travelling further afield, nationally or even internationally. If your passport has expired, then that’s a definite no to the assignment or if you can’t travel that far within the UK due to constraints and commitments, then maybe this assignment is not for you – hopefully next time?

When and how can you say no?

It’s important to let your modelling agency know what your decision is with the assignment as soon as possible. We will ask and confirm with you before anything is set in stone. Sometimes things happen without warning, maybe one of the areas mentioned above, which we have little or no control over.

However, you won’t be penalised for declining, even if it happens to be at the last minute, because we understand that it’s not always possible to take on a job particularly if it’s at short notice. Just to give you a heads-up, you might be asked why you’re turning it down. The sooner you can inform us of your availability the better, so that we have time to arrange an alternative plan for our client. We hope that this will encourage you to have an open and honest channel of communication with us whilst maintaining a professional relationship.