A Complete Guide to Teen Modelling

Are any teens interested in entering the modelling world? You’ve landed on the perfect page to walk you through what it’s like to be a teenage model with Models Direct.

Hello, teens!

Welcome to another guide to one of our modelling divisions – teen modelling. We’re glad you’re here. This is a popular modelling category amongst the 13-18 age bracket. Models Direct will take a look at all the areas a teen and their parent or guardian should consider before signing up with an agency.

Research agencies

Before buying anything, you probably already head over to the internet and research. This is your go-to and good on you! Researching outside of your classwork is important and it’s just the same when you’re looking around for modelling agencies. There are so many based in the UK but if you’re thinking about signing up with one, look at the following:

How long they’ve been in the modelling industry
Are they active on social media?
Which modelling categories do they specialise in
How they find models’ work
Are they charging registration fees?
Who have been their clients?
Have models left feedback? If yes, what do they say?

There’s a lot to look into but with Models Direct, we’re a transparent, open and inclusive modelling agency. You’ll find out all there is to know on our website and other sites such as Trustpilot and Google. We’re not ashamed of low-star reviews. These help us to further improve our services so that we can make our model’s experience even better.

Build a portfolio

When starting your modelling career, a portfolio is highly recommended. If you’re thinking that you need to get a professional photographer on board, it’s not necessary. You can do an amazing job at compiling high-quality images with differing shots demonstrating your different looks and styles, highlighting your versatility as a potential model. Who will see your portfolio? Whoever you decide to share it with. Your agency, who should remind you to update your portfolio every few months (like MD), and clients who are interested in your look.

Also, taking your measurements such as your height, weight, and shoe size, plus including any special features such as piercings, tattoos, birthmarks, braces, or glasses is an additional bonus for agencies and clients.

Be aware of your online presence

We know that most teens are active social media users. Whether it’s Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, or whichever platforms you decide to choose to share your content on, keep it professional as agencies and clients may ask for you to share them.

Eat well, sleep well and stay fit

Contrary to popular belief, the modelling industry has changed over the years and agencies like ours have been set up to push beyond the beauty norms and stereotypes the industry once valued keeping super skinny models at the top. Models Direct values real people, like you, so maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious foods, sleeping well and keeping fit are important. We never promote having an unhealthy relationship with our bodies and food, and we focus on self-care, self-love and body confidence.

Practise modelling poses

One of the key roles of a model is to pose on demand. Potential teenage models can practise in front of their mirror with lots of poses. At first, it might feel really weird but after a while, you’ll get used to it and move confidently into different formations. If you’re selected for a model call or asked to submit an online or in-person casting call then the poses you’ve learnt and like the most can be easily translated with confidence in front of others.

Learn industry terminology

As you already know, entering anything new means learning new ways. With modelling, there’s lots of new terminology to get to grips with. If you want to be in the industry know-how, then find out more here so you’re ahead of the pack.

Balance your education and other work commitments with modelling

Life is all about juggling responsibilities and duties. You have to strike the right balance so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle that progresses you to move forward. As a teen, you might be in full-time education or undertaking an apprenticeship perhaps. If you’re looking to add modelling to the mix, you need to ensure that it doesn’t compromise your other commitments. Rather it works in conjunction with everything in your life.

Being a teenage model also means being patient. It takes time to get selected as it’s down to a client’s personal choice of who they would like to front their campaign. Finally, your parents or guardians should be involved in your modelling career for support and parental consent.