Confidence is key

Confidence can be observed anywhere and at any time.

It is an emotion, feeling or state that reflects positivity, and it can be the trigger of many great things – never more so than in employment…including, of course, the modelling industry.

The word comes from the Latin “fidere”, meaning “to trust” (“fidelity” is derived from this Latin word, too, meaning “to be faithful”). Confidence is putting one’s trust into something, usually based on research, evidence, or a strong persuasion.

People display confidence in their daily routines, but it’s something that can often wane when it’s “crunch time”. Doubt, uncertainty and scepticism can all be just around the corner, hindering total confidence in all aspects of life.

We’ve all been there: a driving test, an exam or signing life-changing documentation. Even events that should be unique and memorable, such as weddings or expensive holidays, can be derailed by feelings of doubt and distrust. That stomach-wrenching feeling that something may not go as smoothly as expected can dampen one’s confidence, even when the odds for disaster are small. It’s human nature, and no one is immune to it.

On the other hand, a steady level of confidence usually bears great gifts. Why? Because those people that have confidence rarely think that something bad is likely to happen.

To highlight how to interpret confidence in another way, consider this: would you be confident that, when a football is thrown ten metres into the air, it would fall back down to the ground (coupled with the probability of it bouncing a few times until it stops to a satisfactory rest)? Of course you would – because you’ve witnessed the event countless of times, and you trust that gravity will force the football back down to the ground, as opposed to the football remaining suspended in mid-air. You have complete faith and trust that gravity will happen as expected; you have no doubt, and you have no uncertainty. In short, you have supreme confidence that the football will fall back to the ground because of repeated evidence.

Though that example is a science-related type of confidence, it shows how a lack of doubt can make someone ultra confident. Models should use it and apply it to their careers. Self doubt is an obstruction to a model’s success and enjoyment, so simply being confident can be a huge stepping stone to achieving personal goals. Confidence and accomplishment go hand-in-hand, so roll with it!

Confident people in many walks of life are usually more proactive, and display more enthusiasm in everything they do. Indeed, if a confident person fails at something – no matter how major or insignificant – they have the conviction to bounce right back and attack their next objective with passion.

Confident models stand out like a shining light. They don’t have to be vain or conceited, but have trust in their talent. They are realistic and cool under pressure, safe in the knowledge that they do their best and cannot ask for more.

Be that confident model, and you’ll reap the rewards you deserve.

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