Tracking your child’s skills and hobbies

[Celebrations after scoring the final minute winner] “Go on, my son!”

[Seeing a school painting for the first time] “It’s like a young Picasso!”

[Dressed up for a posh family occasion] “She looks like an angel!”

If any of the above citations ring true with parents, you’ll probably have a daughter or son that produces an immense source of pride.

Children are endless bundles of energy, bursting with new ideas and wreaking playful havoc on the family (and that’s just the teenagers!). It’s wonderful seeing a child grow up into a healthy, successful adult, but for many parents this transition happens all too quickly. Where does the time go? Treasure your child’s accomplishments while you can, because in the flick of an eye they might be learning new skills in higher education to give them the best chance of flourishing as an older, respected member of the wider community.

Children need positive feedback. This might come in the form of good old-fashioned praise, or rewards for a particular achievement. Children thrive on recognition of their efforts, so it stands to reason that a child with many interests and hobbies can find contentment and satisfaction with every success.

Chronicling your child’s hobbies and skills is a great way to keep up with their feats. As they evolve both in maturity and socially, their interests may invariably change. Just as keeping us updated with any changes in looks and fashions is paramount for an effective modelling portfolio, it’s also helpful to us for parents to relay any of their modelling children’s hobbies and pursuits.

When we receive a modelling request from our clients, our booking team dissects each one to put forward the very best models on our books. Obviously looks and location have a part in which models we recommend, but it’s useful to know any of our models interests.

For example, take young Alec, who recently discovered the joys of working on behalf of a Premiership footie team. How’s that for kick-starting a young career, or simply gaining experience working with industry professionals? Alec was picked by Tottenham Hotspur FC from a handful of children, so knowing that a particular model has an interest in football (or is generally sporty) is a huge bonus. Does your child have the charisma and sporty looks to have succeeded just as Alec did? We can’t fill in the gaps, so please keep us updated and tell us of your child’s interests. See how well Alec did.

How about when six of our younger models were selected for a promotional shoot at Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent? The shoot was held over a Christmas period at the centre’s ice rink, so perhaps the ability to skate would have caught our client’s eye. It certainly caught ours!

Employers are always keen to hear of interviewees’ hobbies and interests, so making us aware of your child’s extracurricular shouldn’t be any different. Every little bit of information helps, so please don’t hold anything back! in no time at all, your talented child could be joining the growing number of young models who have smiled their way through hundreds of modelling assignments. Take a look at our children & teenager’s insightful feedback here:

Wouldn’t it be impressive to add “modelling” to your child’s list of interests and hobbies? The difference being – all our models get paid for their talent!