Models Direct – how do we work?

At the heart of every successful agency is a combination of three vital ingredients. These three elements can then be expanded to explain how we work, and why a variety of models are on our books…

1. Models. Well, we wouldn’t be at the top of our game without an incredible team of talented models. We welcome applications from almost everyone, and each has a great chance of starring in assignments around the country.

2. Clients. These are respected brands and companies who come to us to gain access to the best commercial models to help them in their advertising and promotion needs – usually in the form of photo shoots and filming.  

3. Models Direct Booking Team. We have a collection of the most dedicated and professional staff to oversee the booking process, from initial contact to end of the assignments. they’re always available for tips, advice and general handy hints to give our models and clients the best possible modelling experience.

Let’s take each of the three components and elaborate them to help you gain more specific insight into how we work.

1. Models – These can be anyone (including pets – which we love!), regardless of age, gender, race, background or disabilities. Models need commitment and the desire to succeed. Experience? It helps, but is not a requirement. When we sign models, we do so on the basis that they have UK exposure, and thus modelling jobs are not limited to just a region or local county; travel expenses are paid and models only take assignments that they are comfortable with. In this way, our clients benefit from a greater diversity of models that keep their promotions and publicity fresh. Everyone’s a winner!

2. Clients – Without them, we wouldn’t be an agency. All our clients are authenticated to protect our models. Yes – most companies out there are completely legitimate, but it’s not a perfect world and some of them are unscrupulous. We verify all our clients (check out some famous names on our client list so all our models can concentrate on doing what they do best – having fun and working hard.

3. Our Booking Team – Which brings us to us! We work by combining our models and our clients with our expertise, ensuring all parties are comfortable and know exactly what is expected from them.

We have clarified a few facts for models, but would like to re-emphasize these points:

  • At no point do we ask our models to submit professional photos with their application. Just two clear, well-defined photos using a Smartphone or digital camera are sufficient.
  • We negotiate the best possible rates for our talent.
  • We encourage models to take a friend or chaperone to their assignments.
  • We obtain the client’s fee before models start their assignments. This means that there is no delay in paying our wonderful models.
  • We’re completely transparent and open to all enquiries. In fact, we’ve written already about the differences between genuine commercial modelling agencies like us and bogus ones making absurdly false claims – have a look at the link:
  • We aim to nurture new talent and continue to support our experienced models – both are equally important and without them we wouldn’t be the UK’s no.1 modelling agency. We’ll promote all our models if their looks and skill bases are what our clients are looking for.

With the same work opportunities for each age group and a keen desire to promote a wide range of looks, Models Direct work on the basis of being open, caring and fair, all the while trying to meet our clients’ needs and supporting our models in any way we can.

And that adds up to a happy and successful agency. Long may it continue!