Modelling in Your 20s

Female models on photoshoot
Models on photoshoot

While some agencies focus only on having very young models in their books (we’re talking about young teens), modelling can happen at any time in your life with Models Direct. Who’d have ever thought that this would even be possible? When this profession comes to mind, you think of youngsters strutting it on runways or at events like the Met Gala and London/Paris/New York/Los Angeles Fashion Week right? Or young models, celebs and social media influencers, such as Halima Aden, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner all over digital and social media platforms. But the truth is that age is just a number and with our modelling talent management agency by your side, we clearly demonstrate this. We kid you not, models come in all shapes and sizes too. In this blog, we bring you what modelling looks like through the eyes of a twentysomething. Let’s go!

Assignments are coming in thick and fast!

Our agency is pleased that we connect our models with our clients every day. Work hasn’t slowed down since we started up back thirty years ago. To be honest, we were anticipating the ups and downs of business and still are prepared for the unpredictability that is forecasted for the modelling world. But, and there’s a big but, we’ve still managed to successfully secure thousands of projects with a steady influx of interest. We put it down to the fact that our scope is broader than that of most restrictive agencies out there.

Getting a gig in your 20s is quite easy as our clients are on the lookout for models of all divisions, and all ages. If they want your look, we’ll put you forward for selection. It’s as easy as that! However, we cannot guarantee that you’ll be selected for every project since clients have their own vision and what they want for their campaigns.

What your assignment day might look like:

Before we begin, plan your travel beforehand so that you know your journey route like the back of your hand whatever your means of transportation is.

After a (hopefully) good night’s sleep, you rise early and get your belongings all together for the big day – clothes, accessories, food, water, bag, wallet, travel card, phone and schedule for the day. Get your morning skincare routine set to help refresh and clean your skin. Apply any makeup or create your hairstyle according to exactly what the client has requested. Don’t overcomplicate what they have asked, just stick to the facts without deviating, please.

So now a few tips if you haven’t heard back from us:

Keep your portfolio lively and updated to your current look

• Stay positive, this part of the process is normal

• Be patient, when the time is right, it’ll happen!

• Don’t criticise or be too hard on yourself. Give it time and show yourself self-love in between assignments

• Touch base with us to see what your progress is or if there’s anything we could suggest

• Eat healthily and exercise to boost those feel-good vibes

• Keep yourself busy with hobbies and activities alongside your work or education

• Sleep well, it’ll help you feel more alert and rejuvenate your senses

Many of our models in their 20s are being called for assignments – they’re getting to showcase their modelling prowess, whether it’s roles in film and TV for acting and walk-on, photographic work for catalogue shoots or even live shows for promotional work. Step into this brilliant industry that has so many opportunities for you to successfully grow, develop and network with others, plus earn some cash and look great on your CV! Gosh, you really couldn’t ask for more!