Self-improvement in 2023

What an absurd title! I’m perfect, and I don’t need to improve on anything. Anyway, I wouldn’t want to improve, thank you very much.

Whoa, hang on there!

Male model showreel

We’re sure most of you are pretty much the complete article. You probably change your looks for the better and update your portfolio to give you the best chance of securing assignments as a commercial model. You try to stick to the correct diet, and you socialise on weekends only (not that there’s anything wrong with going out on a “school night”…except if you have a modelling gig the next day, of course!). Why do I need to read about improving myself in 2023?

This blog is not about fleeting New Year’s Resolutions or covering the basics like exercising, getting a solid night’s sleep or eating the right food. It’s about the bigger picture, and looking at some options models may not have pondered before. You never know, the following suggestions might be a long-term lifestyle boost. Read on to see if any of the self-improvement options seem feasible for you…

1. Be selfish! Not all the time, obviously, but do create “me time” every day for things you want to do.

2. Create positive podcasts. There are thousands of accessible podcasts, and hosts genuinely come across as happy and engaging people. It’ll take a huge effort, but that’s part of the reward when you can see how many people take interest in what you have to say.

3. Use social media sparingly. No – don’t reject totally. In fact, we’re great fans of useful social media platforms, and we use it to enhance our industry and to reach out to a greater modelling audience. See the following:
All fantastic social media content for the right reasons. What we’re suggesting is to curb the amount of time you spend using social media. Why not set yourself a daily time limit? Maybe one hour per day? Also, resist the temptation to scroll down numerous social media pages just before bedtime.

4. Create a journal. Follow in Bridget Jones’s steps and start scribing daily entries into a journal. It’s healthy to offload nuisances and problems onto paper, and you’ll feel a whole lot better for it. Record positive vibes and successes, too, so you can look back in a few weeks’ time and fondly remember them. Oh, and your spelling will improve!

5. Get mentally stimulated. Are your “little grey cells” (as Hercule Poirot calls them) crying out for inspiration? Feed your brain by trying out new cerebral exercises like puzzles, or increase your reading (and if you don’t read…start now!). Go one step further and learn a new language. Spanish and Mandarin is red hot at the moment, so why not at least master some fundamental words? It’ll improve self-confidence, may come in useful abroad, or even land you a full-time job. The world is your oyster!

6. Learn a new skill / start a hobby. Never had the time, huh? Make time! Have a go at craftwork or joinery, or enrol on a DIY course (home improvement = self improvement!). There are plenty of activities and sports to have a go at solo, or gather a few mates and start a new team sport.

See, self-improvement isn’t all about physical health. Keep searching for new ideas and experiences, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Here’s to a fabulous 2023. A new year, a new you.