Nifty 50 – reasons why modelling can be fun in your 50s

They say 50 is the new 40 – or maybe it’s even the new 30!

Certainly, it’s a cause for celebration and a time to start thinking about yourself and what you want to do with the rest of your life.

Models Direct models on location in Mallorca

Many of us maybe be wishing to add a new dimension to our working lives, while others might be seeking new experiences in our free time.

Well, if this is the case for you then modelling could be just what you are looking for – and here are just some of the reasons why:

*There is strong demand for mature models

Models Direct has a steady stream of requests for mature models, including those in their 50s, from across all its client groups. This is because they want to appeal to members of the public in this age bracket to buy their products or services.

*Models in their 50s offer versatility

The 50s are years when we can fill lots of varied roles and step into the shoes of all sorts of different people for advertising campaigns and promotions. We can play the parts of powerful business people, CEOs, managers and members of the board. We can be normal working people – tradespeople, shop workers and carers, for example. We can also act the parts of parents of teenagers and students and of grandparents of small children. We can play retirees, homeowners and those away on holiday.

Models Direct female model on Aviva photo shoot

*Some of us have time

Many of us in our 50s have spent the past decades dedicating our lives to our careers and families. Sometimes this is therefore a time when we decide to step back a little from our normal jobs or perhaps find ourselves with empty nests at home. This not only means we have the availability to try our hands at modelling, but we also have time to dedicate to our e-portfolios. We can make sure we keep our photos fresh and current and that we reflect a variety of looks to show our versatility.

*To add something new to our lives

Whatever our age, we should try to keep bringing new experiences into our lives as this can help us to feel fulfilled. When we hit our 50s this is an especially good time to consider modelling as it takes us to new places, involves different activities and is a great way of meeting new people. In our 50s, we still have many, many active years ahead of us and modelling can be an exciting way of opening new doors.

*To bring in a little extra income

Modelling is work and at Models Direct we ensure our models are paid fairly and promptly for the assignments they take on. Fees vary but working for us gives you the opportunity to squirrel away a few extra pounds towards that special weekend away you’ve been saving up for or to buy treats for your nearest and dearest.

If you are interested in modelling in your 50s then contact us.