Baby modelling

Babies represent a type of model that tends to go unnoticed.

When we see babies and toddlers in the media, we might assume they have been acquired by chance; maybe the producers have cute nephews or nieces? Where do successful marketing firms get babies from when they look so natural on set? Babies can’t learn as much working as models for obvious reasons, so is there a starting point companies use to find the best babies for modelling work?

The answer is a resounding “YES”. Companies approach professionals to recruit babies and toddlers, choosing the ones that best suit their briefs. As we’re the only national UK modelling agency, it stands to reason that companies depend on us to fulfil their modelling needs.

Over the years we’ve been privileged to supply babies to hundreds of companies. Demand has always been high. This demand is not really a trend as such; it’s more a consistent requirement.

To keep up with the desire for the youngest models, we’d like to hear from even more proud parents around the country. Every parent looks on their children in a different light to others – it’s only natural. What parents should know is that any look or feature is important to brands. Some babies have more hair then others; some are chubbier, or have more teeth as they grow. Babies have varied dispositions, too, which can be important when interacting with adults on set.

The one constant in finding your baby modelling work is finding a reputable agency. We place finding the right work for the right model as a priority. Any model can decline a job after it’s offered to them, and this applies to babies as well – although in these cases it’ll be parents / guardians who make the decision.

Our clients are always grateful for baby models. We’ve worked with hundreds of brands who know full well that sometimes only baby models are the most effective models for their campaigns. We’ve supplied babies to Pampers, national magazines, Next, Mamas & Papas and even Tottenham Hotspur FC. Not many parents can proclaim to have a young modelling superstar seen by thousands of football fans. But that’s a very small example of brands that have needed babies – and will need them in the future. Holiday operators, retail giants like Morrisons and Tesco, and TV and printed media are all on the search for the next big “little” modelling star.

And there’s no reason why your baby can’t follow in the dainty footsteps. It starts with the all-important Models Direct registration.

The Office for National Statistics reveals that average rate of population increase in the UK over the last ten years was just over 4%. England’s population increased by 6.5%, whereas Wales’s increased by 1.4%. That’s a steady rate of newborn babies, meaning brands are always searching for exciting ways to appeal to their customers.

What better way to appeal to parents than showcasing healthy babies in compelling marketing campaigns?