I’d Love to Be a Model, What Do I Do?

Hey there, loyal reader! You’re at the right place because MD is about to open this space and explain how your modelling career can take off. We’re answering your FAQs, so let’s explore!

Are you here because you’re daydreaming about being the star of a digital article? Maybe you want to be the lead in an online commercial? Or perhaps you want to demo products for a live stream? So, how can you go about this? You could set yourself up and head out as a lone ranger collaborating with brands and companies, or you could have a reputable modelling agency represent you with support and guidance. The choice is yours!

However, since we are a modelling agency, we’re inclined to recommend the latter and be backed up with experts who know how to close a deal, negotiate the best price, intricately brief the project and offer hands-on support from inception to final product. Once you’ve decided if this is for you, you can then…

Build your portfolio

We’ve said it not just once, or twice, or even thrice – this one’s been a talking point in most of our blogs. A regular portfolio reboot is important with updated features of you showcasing your versatility. Keep it varied but current, short and sweet. Your content needs to be engaging to keep clients interested and wanting to book you. This will take time, so don’t be too hasty to add millions of pics (you know what we mean). Start small but keep it coming in regularly.

Create a showreel

You may not hear other agencies say this point enough. Well, truth be told, forget them – this is all about Models Direct and we advise people hoping to become models to create a showreel showcasing an assemble of your best work. If you’re new and you don’t have anything to yet feature that you feel is powerful, you can demo your model poses and expressions. Start small, once you’re up and away with assignments, you can feature bigger projects.

Keep a tab on measurements and extra features

If you’re a teen or adult, your body measurements are important to document so that when you’re entering the modelling industry, agencies and clients can view these and gain a wholesome perspective of you. Height, weight, chest size, hips, and shoe size are features to check.

Alongside this, characteristics such as eye colour, hair colour, tattoos, piercings, braces, and glasses are features to include.

You may have a regularly evolving look, and this is okay! The only thing we would recommend is to inform your agency when these changes happen.

Take care of yourself

You should focus on areas such as nutrition, exercise, skincare and haircare if you already aren’t, outside of the modelling arena. But if you want to become a model then yes, these are areas for you to concentrate on so that you can extract the best experience in the modelling world.

Master modelling skills

Have you strutted down your hallway in front of the mirror? Or have you asked a friend to record you whilst you’re on your pretend runway? Or maybe you got your ring light in place and set your phone’s recorder to create something magical? This is great because it demonstrates that you’re ready to learn and develop your skills.

However, if you haven’t started or have found other ways of experimenting and discovering, then give it a shot. Start in your personal space so that you get comfy and let your camera roll. Choose whatever it is you want to so that you enjoy the art of modelling rather than seeing it as a chore or burden.

Be open, be positive and be proactive. These are ways to help you become a model but of course, have an agency that cares about you – like us!

We hope that you continue to come back for our content. Stay tuned and enjoy!