When did you last update your measurements on your e-portfolio?

Every model working with Models Direct, from newborn babies to child models and from teen models up to mature models has an e-portfolio.

And it is essential that this e-portfolio is kept up to date with everything we at the agency and our clients need to know.

This includes recent and very clear photographs, showing us what you currently look like – from your hairstyle and colour through to any other particular characteristics.

You may have a new tattoo or piercing, you may have recently started wearing glasses all the time, for example.

And we also need to know your current height, weight and body size.

So, with that in mind, we would like to ask all those currently on our books to think about when they last updated the measurements on their e-portfolio….

With babies, toddlers and children this is, of course, essential because they grow so quickly.

But for the rest of us, it is also important as we all gain and lose weight at different times in our lives.

Models Direct needs a huge selection of models of different appearances and body sizes on its books.

This is because our clients request an incredible variety of models from us.

Many of them are “real life” models who need to look like genuine members of the public, people who are a variety of heights and body sizes.

We find work for plus-size models, curvy models, petite models and tall models, as well as those of more average sizes.

We really don’t mind what size or shape you are – but we must know the measurements and photographs on your e-portfolio really reflect you as you are right now.

If a client requests a model of a certain look and size and we give them your e-portfolio as one of several to consider, then that portfolio must be up to date.

They (and we) need to know that if they select you, you will arrive at the assignment looking as you do in your photos – and the same height, size and shape you have said you are.

If your measurements and photos aren’t up to date and you are turned away from the job on arrival then it creates an embarrassing situation for everyone.

Thankfully, this situation almost never happens.

Our models tend to be good at maintaining their e-portfolios and this is why our clients return to us time and time again.

So, if the answer to the question when did you last update your measurements (statistics) on your e-portfolio? is that it has been a while then please find the 15 minutes or so it requires as soon as possible.

Ask a friend or family member to measure and weigh you – or parents please measure your children – and then simply input and update the information.

It really is as easy as that!