Families – We Urgently Need You & How to Apply

We are family – our Models Direct team and our talented models. Collectively we’re part of something amazing – a fair (and realistic) representation of our thriving population. Speaking of families, our agency shines the spotlight on them for a plethora of modelling assignments. They get called for on many bookings which we document in our booking blog section. Check some of these out here like the Moore family and the Breese family (booked for Verdant Leisure and Park Holidays respectively).

What types of families are there?

This is a great question! Families come in all shapes and sizes, with different formations and structures. They reflect the relationships people form and how that translates into the multifaceted dimensions of a family unit.

When our prestigious clients take a step forward and connect with us, they don’t always request for the conventional family setup to feature as part of their marketing campaign. Sometimes it differs, and the requirement is for another structure. Models Direct will walk you through some of the popular types of families there are:

Nuclear family

This is a traditional structure typically consisting of a mum, dad, and their dependent child or children living in the same household. The couple could be married or cohabiting and their children could be biological or adopted.

Extended family

An extended family setup is where multi-generations live under the same roof. This can often mean grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law and cousins, living alongside a nuclear family.

Single-parent family

A mum or dad could be a single parent singlehandedly raising one or more of their children. Some reasons for this is from the result of divorce, separation, a choice to be alone or the death of a partner.

Blended family

Blended families aka stepfamilies are when two people enter a partnership or marriage and either one or both bring children from a previous relationship. The children might live with them or spend time between two households.

Same-sex parent family

This setup is headed by same-sex couples, who may have children from a previous relationship, through fertility treatments or adoption.

Foster or adoptive family

Sometimes children need temporary care and support and will be fostered for a duration of time by a foster family while adopted children are legally and permanently a part of a family.

Grandparent-headed family

Grandparents can assume the role of primary caregiver for their grandchildren due to the absence of the child’s parents.

Co-parenting family

Co-parenting is when two (or more) people decide to raise a child but not be in a romantic relationship or marriage. This could involve co-parenting partners, friends or individuals who have used fertility treatment.

The takeaway

Families are amazing, and each one is unique. The way they are formed and set up is different and what works for them and their circumstances. When our clients come to us hunting for a family modelling squad, they may request a grandparent-headed family or a blended family. If you and your family are interested in becoming a family model with Models Direct, no matter how you’re set, we’re inclusive and diverse and welcome all types of families to apply and join our team.