The Importance of Showing a Variety of Looks in Your Pictures

Variety is the spice of life

When it comes to your modelling pictures, variety is the key to making your images go from one-dimensional to multi-dimensional. Models Direct, who know the modelling business well, provide all our models, humans and animals, a dedicated zone that’s exclusive for them – their ePortfolio. In this area, the best way to get heads turning is to switch it up and bring a diverse range of layers to your pics.

Clients will land on your page and want to see this multi-faceted approach because it’ll display more of who you are, your skills and capabilities as a model. The goal is to get them to not just take notice of you but to look your way and book you for assignments, whether it’s immediately or in the foreseeable future, and whether it’s short-term or a longer arrangement.

So, let’s have a look at why our modelling coordinators suggest it’s important to show a variety of looks in your ePortfolio.

Showcasing your individuality

By displaying a variety of looks, you can help promote your uniqueness. Features such as body type, style and ethnicity fall under this and when you ensure you’re seen, you send a powerful message about your individuality. You deserve to be recognised as a valuable asset to the modelling industry and you have a diverse edge and individual style. Clients will be intrigued to see this and learn about you better.

Encouraging your creative side to shine

When you’re layering your ePortfolio up with variety, you’ll be tapping into your creative side. Your fashion, makeup, hair, poses, moods and emotions will be doing the talking. You’ll be able to express yourself, your way, creatively. Clients will love to see this side of you to give them an in-depth understanding of how you carry yourself on camera.

Enhancing your modelling skills

By bumping up your variety of looks in your pics, you’ll be amplifying your modelling skills and your knowledge. You might see how other models are representing themselves by checking out portfolios, watching videos, speaking to agencies and connecting with models. With time, you learn, grow and develop your skills which are essential in all aspects of life (and in the modelling world).
In summary, showing a variety of looks in your pictures is essential for showcasing your individuality, tapping into your creative side and boosting your modelling skills. Clients will always take a visual interest in your modelling portfolio and when you have control of what you add to your collection, it empowers you to display your expression through the art of variety.