International Day of Older Persons

Get your pens out and take note of the 1st of October, please. An unmissable global celebration dedicated to older people is fast approaching and we to be a part of recognising its value.
As a top UK talent and modelling agency, we have always embraced and respected age – young and old.

Our team has been built and thrives on having an exclusive vision and positive outlook which encompasses people of all demographics to be fairly represented by us. It’s what’s set us apart from other agencies. We don’t just say we make positive things happen, we are a part of the change.

Models Direct are age-friendly and understand the importance of including seniors in our work. We’ve been challenging ageism and negative stereotypes associated with ageing over the years and made this a part of our business ethos – that we’ll represent all our models fairly beating restrictions and stereotypes.
Our clients have also had a high demand for mature models where requests are matching the growing popularity of representing relatable models.

You can take a look at examples of where our senior market has been selected for work and produced winning campaigns.

What age is considered an older person?

According to the NHS website, 65 years is considered as an older person. Globally, as of 2019, there were 703 million persons 65 years or over as stated by the UN’s World Population Ageing 2019 Highlight. This figure is set to rise with the total population going up from 16.4% to 18.6% over a decade. These are really interesting statistics and reiterated to us why it’s essential to have older people on board and be positively represented.

In 1990, the UN General Assembly set its first-ever day of International Day of Older Persons and it was embraced a year later as an annual event. Year after year the special day’s theme varies and this year’s is set to be something inspirational, educational and enriching – “Resilience of Older Persons in a Changing World”.

We’ve gathered a few tips on how we can celebrate this day:

Chat with an older person

Spend some time with a mature person you know. This could be a family member, friend, neighbour, or even someone you don’t know. It’ll be an enlightening experience and have you coming away learning new things and seeing the world through the eyes of a wiser perspective. Hopefully, you’ll continue this with others and keep conversations alive and positive with someone older.

Set up your exhibition or attend someone else’s

Check for local events if anything is running in celebration of the day. Attend, connect and celebrate the day by learning about its origins and what the future holds for this growing, wiser, and important population. Maybe you could set something up yourself? Ask those in your life to join you on this day and keep communication and connections actively embracing this important day.

Attend a conference

If a bigger function like a conference is being held, try to attend it. You’ll take away key messages, interests, ideas and thoughts about this auspicious day, and carry its messages deeper into your life.
Respect, and raise awareness of this unforgettable event for our senior generation. After all, one day we’re going to be in their position.