What Are the Different Model Types?

Hello, hello, curious reader! Thanks for landing on our Models Direct page on a hot topic that’s on everyone’s lips. What are the different types of models out there?

If you’re just thinking runway royalty, you’re not wrong but – and there’s a pause here – it digs much deeper than that. This next blog instalment of modelling knowledge will have you feeling more refreshed and informed. Enjoy!

Runway models on fleek

Okay, so this one sits at the top of the pile, no doubt. The most common model type that comes to mind is the runway icon trendsetting serious prowess. They walk on the global platform in the name of fashion – could this be you one day? Yes, why not? With the industry switching it up and calling for diversity, yes, this could be.

Everyday commercial models

These will be the everyday heroes who step in to model for campaigns far and wide. You’ll catch them on billboards, magazines, radio and TV screens. The aim? To pull at your heartstrings, make you reach for your bank card and make a purchase. Ker-ching! Whether commercial models are selling the latest tech, beauty products or automobiles, there’s a serious demand for everyday people to advertise everyday products and services.

Swipe for catalogue models

Catalogues have come a long way – from paper to print alternatives, they are now a digital option to save printing costs and paper wastage. Catalogue models are still in demand whether something’s popped in your letterbox or your inbox. Models bring their talent to life by shooting for purpose be it for clothes, footwear, holidays, insurance, and other industries that need their information presented in catalogue form.

Promotional modelling perfectionists

If a client wants to leave a real-time lasting impression of their brand’s products and services, then they’ll be welcoming promotional models. These champions work on the ground with advertising products face to face. They deal with the general public hands-on, are brave and not afraid to make mistakes. They are the face and voice of storytelling and persuasion and help boost sales whether it’s on the streets of London or in the studio like our model Neri.


There are lots of different categories models can work in and more specifically categories they could unleash their individuality and talents in such as:

Plus size modelling

Fitness modelling

Body parts modelling

Body art modelling

Petite modelling

Disabled modelling

Diversity reigns supreme, and there’s a space for everyone to climb on board. With the slew of model types, we’re not just saying this. Check out our latest booking blogs to see what types of models have been matched with clients.

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