When did you last update your ePortfolio photos?

The title of this blog is one of the most important questions a model can ask themselves. If the answer to the heading is “about six months ago”, you need to ask yourself why you don’t do it more regularly.

When models expect more success with our clients, they can do so by consistently improving their ePortfolio. It’s a model’s responsibility to tweak and improve their portfolio’s content; taking the initiative greatly improves a model’s chances of being selected for work.

Each model that registers with us should have genuine expectations. As the leaders in the commercial modelling industry for nearly 34 years, we’ve continuously encouraged our models to manage their expectations and handle their own aspirations.

Everyone should have expectations and dreams, but only if they are sincere. We emphasise that when models sign up with us, they are in the best possible position to be selected for modelling work. We know this for the following reasons:

1. We work with the largest selection of trusted clients in the UK.

2. Our experience spans more than 30 years.

3. As an employment agency, we have government-regulated status.  

However, if you’re not chosen by a client after being put forward by us, you may think your expectations were set too high. This is understandable. We have always stressed to our talented models that we can’t guarantee work because our clients have the final say in their decisions. Our initial job is to spot the talent of our registered models and propose them based on their looks.  

This is where models can help themselves. Submitting the requisite photos in your registration is the first thing to do, but models should never leave it at that.

People develop new skills all the time, and they participate in new experiences.  All these additions are crucial on application forms and CVs to inform the employer of a person’s willingness to grow. Without updating personal paperwork, the decision-maker can’t have all the facts to make an informed decision.   

The same principle applies to a model’s ePortfolio. It’s a vital tool in a model’s probability of being selected for top-end assignments. As our clients are the ultimate decision-makers, models need to have their ePortfolios is the best possible shape.

Models can do this by sticking to these three steps, by making sure ePortfolios are always:

1. Current – Clients aren’t too interested in looking at photos that could be months (or years) old. As a model, it’s your duty to reflect your current looks with contemporary images to give clients the best representation of your appearance.

2. Relevant – If you’re looking for a particular type of assignment (e.g. for a sports / fitness brand), it’s key to upload you ePortfolio with related images. Clients appreciate seeing pictures of our models directly connected to their brand image. By uploading relevant pictures, you’ll stand out as a model who knows a company’s target audience.

3. Accurate – Don’t be shy about showing off your characteristics. Whilst we only need simple headshot for your registration, ePortfolios are a perfect platform to flaunt skin piercings, new hairstyles, tattoos, and everything in-between.  

An up-to-date ePortfolio is absolutely necessary to exceed expectations. We’ll do our very best at Models Direct HQ to secure as much work as possible for every model.

In return, models need persistence. It really can pay off. Keep your ePortfolios current and fresh, and put your faith in our client’s choices; it could be you they choose next.