Managing your expectations

Life is a wild roller coaster ride crammed with assorted emotions. There are peaks and troughs much like the roller coasters, good times mixed with disappointments and tragedies. We hope, of course, that there are many more good times than bad ones.

The modelling industry is a great one for models to realise their goals and enjoy success. But it’s a natural law of life that things cannot go swimmingly well all the time. For the most part we know that our registered models are happy to be signed up at the best commercial modelling agency in the UK. This is not a boast on our part; we simply know that we have the largest selection of clients around, and we offer the best advice courtesy of our fantastic team. Part of our success is built around our core values and our responsibilities – both to our talent and to our clients. We work on the basis that success is a three-way slick operation: Models Direct, our models and our clients all contribute to a fun, hard-working, winning formula. Long may it continue!

A model’s natural talent or look is undeniably important. So is dedication and enthusiasm. But so is something that a small fraction of models take for granted: a realistic sense of expectation.
Occasionally the boundaries between an individual’s expectation and reality become blurred. When a model signs up with us, they have taken the first realistic step to finding quality modelling work with the ultimate decision-makers – the clients. That’s the “no brainer”, and we’ll keep doing what we do best, and that’s putting forward the right models with the right clients.

Now comes the part that we can’t emphasise enough: commercial modelling is very competitive. With more clients wanting to make the most effective commercials to appeal to larger audiences, it’s only natural that the demand for models has increased accordingly. Healthy competition is unavoidable, and models must realise that there are no guarantees of assignments. We cannot make promises, and it’d be callous for us to do so. We don’t want to mislead anyone, and so we’ve been totally honest about the industry ever since we started in 1990.

But the good news is that being represented by us gives models of all ages and shapes the best platform from which to achieve their modelling goals. Our clients select models literally every day. The prospect of appearing in prominent modelling jobs is very real, but models shouldn’t expect instant triumphs or success overnight.

Models need to work at it, too. Never rest on your laurels, and always be open for constructive criticism. Never let the collection of images in your portfolio go stale. There are plenty of reasons to keep them updated, and it can only help your chances of being chosen by our clients. And if you know you’ve been put forward by us and aren’t selected by the client, then don’t be too despondent; it happens to every model at some time in their career, so come back stronger and look forward to being recommended again!

Read some of our tips for success and keep your head up. You might be riding on that roller coaster soon than you think!