How can I become a model?

If you want to become a model then the best way forward is to join a reputable agency, ensure you keep your e-portfolio up to date and respond to offers of work.

This is how Models Direct explains the process to those would-be models that make contact and ask for information.

Think carefully

Take a little time out to consider who you are, what you think you are capable of and the practical arrangements of your life. Are you confident enough to step out in front of a camera? Can you follow instructions? And are you reliable enough – and will the other factors in your life let you be reliable enough – to be where you need to be at the appointed time? Confidence does grow with experience, and modelling can be done on a very part-time basis, but you still need to be sure it is for you.

Do your research

By joining a genuine, reputable agency, you know you will have someone looking out for you throughout the whole process. Not only will they ensure your safety by thoroughly checking out every booking, but they will also negotiate a fair fee for you – and make sure you are actually paid. A properly accredited and registered agency such as Models Direct also actively looks for work for its models.

Follow the advice you are given

Listen to what experts at the agency tell you. At Models Direct we have highly experienced team members who have worked within the industry for many years. Not only will they tell you how it works and manage your expectations as to the levels of work you might receive, but they will also inform you about your role in the process. They will explain how important it is to ensure your e-portfolio is kept up to date, with photos, videos, and any other appropriate material, and they will tell you how vital it is that you make sure the agency has your latest contact details and that you respond quickly when called or messaged about a job.

Don’t let anyone down

If you are offered an assignment and you decide to take it, you have to follow through with it (unless there is the very exceptional circumstance of an unavoidable emergency). If you let the client and the agency down, they will be very wary of offering you work in the future. Stay in contact with the agency, ensure you are where you need to be at the right time and follow instructions carefully throughout the job itself.

Work hard

To be successful in any career you have to work hard – and modelling is no exception. Look after yourself by exercising, eating properly and sleeping well. Be on the constant lookout for genuine opportunities then report them to your agency. Set aside time every couple of months to work on your e-portfolio. And make yourself as available as possible to take on work.

Success doesn’t happen overnight – and certainly not all of those hoping to become a model will make it.

But you can give yourself the very best chance and, by doing that, you can at least say you tried.