Why does such a diverse range of clients work with Models Direct?

Because we have been in the business for over 30 years, they know we are a trustworthy and reliable partner and because we are a government-regulated, fully vetted employment agency.

All this is true and is essential for both our big name clients – ranging from the likes of BMW and Sky to Tesco and John Lewis – and the smaller niche, boutique businesses we work with.

But there is also far more to it than that…

It is also about the service we offer, the professionalism of our team and their expertise in shortlisting and managing the right models for the right jobs.

So how does working with Models Direct work from the client’s perspective?

Well, we try to make it as smooth and easy for them as possible.

Our clients are all very busy people.

They may be representatives of a particular business, directors of production crews or even casting directors…

But, whoever they are, they are busy people, tasked with managing tight budgets, fast-paced schedules and teams of diverse members with very different roles in the projects.

Our clients contact us to tell us more about the assignment, its aims and the type (or types) of models they are looking for.

Some of them have worked with us before and will already have a working relationship with one of our highly experienced team members.

For others, it will be the first time they have partnered with Models Direct.

Either way, we work closely with them to ensure we find them the model they require.

Our job is to be fast, efficient, responsible and take the weight off their shoulders.

We take on responsibility for sifting through our many e-portfolios to identify any of our models who might match their requirements.

We then present these to the client and they make the final choice.

A fee is agreed but our work doesn’t stop there.

We liaise with the model to ensure they have a full understanding of the assignment before they agree to it – and we make sure they understand all the arrangements for the day.

We stay there on the end of the phone to resolve any of their problems – and those of the client – and afterwards we make sure they are paid on time and that we receive their feedback.

Our clients need an agency that not only has a broad selection of potentially suitable models, but also operates quickly, efficiently and professionally.

For more than 30 years now we have proved that we can do exactly that – and that is exactly why our clients work with us time and time again.