How Campaigns Create Perfect Modelling Assignments

In many of our blogs, you’ve probably noticed that we speak about campaigns…a lot! But what does this mean and how can it benefit professional models and prospective models? Models Direct thought it would be a great idea to cover this for our readers so that we can give you some insight into the world of marketing campaigns and modelling. Let’s dive in and find out more!

What’s a marketing campaign?

First off, campaigns are a strategised way to promote a specific company purpose. They ultimately make companies memorable and identifiable whilst stirring emotion and a desired reaction from the target audience. Campaigns can run across digital and print platforms so that the company’s message can reach as many targeted consumers as possible. If models are involved in marketing campaigns, this will help them gain exposure, get noticed and increase the chance of being called in for future work. If another company (or the same one) likes their unique look, is wowed by their talent and hooked by their distinctive abilities, they will hear back from them for future projects. 

What types of marketing campaigns are there out there?

Campaigns can come in all forms but are not limited to the following:

  • Product marketing 
  • Brand development 
  • Advertising marketing 
  • Social media 
  • Email marketing
  • Acquisition marketing 

Campaigns that have caught our eye

Clever campaigns have a knack for sticking in our minds creating a long-lasting impression – that’s the intention and why they are produced. There have been millions that have reached the world’s stage. Some great examples of smart campaigns include:

The AA’s online and TV ad featuring their new mascot, Tukker the puppet dog, having his fan on in his front room and reminiscing the times he would feel the freedom on the road was a diamond of an ad. It launched when the first lockdown was nearing an end, and it led to a 74% increase in positive engagement in contrast to previous work. So for any pets out, yours can shine and make it as our next star pet model. 

As for billboards making an impact, the BBC took to creating a unique perspective of capturing the public’s attention. Last year’s release of drama Dracula inspired billboards to hold a collection of wooden stakes arranged randomly. However, as nightfall approached and with the help of a handy spotlight being switched on, it revealed a shadow of Dracula himself. Truly chilling indeed!

Yorkshire Tea had a splendid TV ad showing people back to work and being offered their tea with a creative social distancing teapot! The Harrogate brand showcased its humourous and relatable commercial when it came to having a cuppa at work following the new rules. 

So, how does our modelling agency join our models with the campaigns that our clients are building? 

A brief is passed over to our agency outlining what the client is looking for in their model. We then thoroughly search our system for models and talent who fit the description to a tee. Our client often shares photos of the ideal model they are looking for or images they are trying to create. 

Near or far, it doesn’t matter where you are

Sometimes there is a significant travel budget, so we can place a wider geographical search for a model since we have a database of models across the UK. And if there is a smaller budget, then we keep our search within a tighter radius. Our client then reviews all the selection that we have bought forward and then they have the opportunity to shortlist who they’re interested in. They may request additional photos, information or an online casting to help them make an informed decision. Once they’ve picked who they want, the booking goes ahead and modelling work can commence. 

What can this mean for new models (and existing ones)?

These opportunities open the doors for modelling talent and to be honest, who wouldn’t want that? To be given the chance to showcase what you can offer, especially if you are confident in yourself, enjoy meeting new people, are motivated and determined, and are ready to take on an exciting, energetic and fun career. 

If you’d like to promote a new product or service, increase brand awareness, boost user engagement, advertise an upcoming event or gather customer feedback or support campaigns, becoming a model will help you head in the right direction and get noticed. Get in touch with our team today to find out more!