Plus-Size Modelling: What are the Expectations

You’ve probably heard of the phrase plus-size when stopping by at clothing stores or browsing online. You might have even come across a curve category whilst scrolling through your phone or on TV. Either way these modelling divisions mean the same and have been making waves and moving mountains in the industry over the past few years.

Changes over the years

In the 1950s, the average dress size in the UK was 12 amongst the female population. Fast-forward 70 years, it’s now size 16. Whatever the reason for this gradual alteration is, the fact is, it’s there, and industries are understanding this change. 

Positive social media influence

People’s mindsets have been at the heart of this change – they’ve embraced and empowered themselves by going against what defines beauty. Social media platforms have helped to push this message out into the world and with more and more influencers and celebrities speaking up against body shaming, the more we’ve been reading and watching the positive shift.

Many famous faces have spoken against being scrutinised for their weight or weight gain and have nourished their followers/supporters and those who have been reading around the hot topic with positive messages of being you and not allowing others to define you just because of the shape and size of your body. This has sparked discussions around the trending issue, and doesn’t look set to be cast aside or ignored.

What to expect as a Models Direct model

If you’re thinking of joining our modelling team, the first thing to expect is a group of modelling enthusiasts who all have in depth knowledge about the modelling world.

Next is, having a chat with one of our representatives who will walk you through our process from start to finish, as soon as a job lands on our table and you’re selected.

The main thing you’ll expect from us is to be yourself! We couldn’t ask for more. Be you, be confident, be happy, be positive and be model-ready for any upcoming assignments that may come your way!

Our stance on being a plus-size

Models Direct are part of the body-positivity movement and encourage anyone who is over size 14 to join our modelling hub. Our clients, regardless of their niche, are requesting curve models to come forward for their advertising and marketing campaigns more now than ever.

Are you ready for something new? An experience like no other that’ll increase your interpersonal skills and look amazing on your CV? Are you looking for something that’s flexible and puts you in front of the steering wheel whilst earning a respectable income? Navigate through our website to read more of where this blog came from, and our model’s first-hand feedback to capture the essence of our agency, what we’re about and what we can do for you.

Above all, be proud of being you, empower yourself by believing in your abilities regardless of your size and give yourself the self-care and self-love you deserve! Apply today if you’re interested in becoming a modelling team member!