What is involved in baby and child modelling?

Baby and child modelling can be great fun for both little ones and their parents – but it is important to have a good understanding of what is involved.

After signing up with Models Direct, the parents of baby and junior models will need to create an e-portfolio for them.

This includes up-to-date information about the youngster – age, height, colouring etc – as well as a number of photographs.

If the child has modelled before, final shots or video footage should also be included, and parents should also outline any particular skills or pastimes that might be of interest.

We like to know, for example, if a junior model sings, acts or plays a musical instrument, as that highlights the fact they are likely to be confident on stage and in front of a camera.

Models Direct is regularly approached for baby and child models by a long list of clients.

This is because little ones are not only in high demand for campaigns related to products and services for children, but also to appear when family groups are required and when advertisers require that “ahh” factor!

When our clients ask for a baby or child model of a certain age and with a particular look, we investigate the request thoroughly.

We ensure it is a job we would be happy to send our own babies and children along to and we ask about any special arrangements that have been made to ensure the comfort and safety of our young models and their families.

We then scan through our e-portfolios and select several youngsters who match requirements.

We contact the parents to ensure they are available and would in theory be happy to take on the job if required.

The e-portfolios are then sent to the client who makes the final choice – and we go back to the parents of the chosen child (or children) to give them more details about the assignments.

Either Mum or Dad has to accompany the little one to the photo or film shoot and will be closely involved in what is going on at all times.

We ask them to ensure they have snacks, drinks, toys, books and a change of clothes for their baby or child and are prepared to entertain them when they are not required in front of the camera.

The camera and film crews, production teams and others involved in the assignment will all have experience of working with babies and children.

They know how to encourage the little ones while also taking things slowly and gently.

There will probably be food and drink available and, if you are in a studio or other indoor location, you should have the opportunity to take your youngster outside for fresh air at times.

As the parent of a baby or child model, you will have a point of contact within our team and this person will be available on the end of the phone to answer any queries and address any issues.

Their job is to be there to support you and your little one at all times.

Once the assignment is over, we will ask you for your feedback on how it went and will ensure the agreed payment is made promptly.

We love working with little ones and they love working with us – if you are the parent of a baby or child and would like to find out more, then fill in our form and we will be in touch.