Parent’s all over the world are juggling a huge amount right now, therefore rest is essential! Models Direct have come up with some ways to ensure you and your baby get a good nights sleep and the rest us parents deserve.

Sleep is key factor to your and your little one’s health, it helps reduce stress, boosts your immune system and enables us to focus and deal with daily tasks in a much calmer way. If you think your baby has the perfect qualities for advertising campaigns and modelling assignments, maintaining optimal sleeping patterns will play a large part in their success to… 

Though babies can be notoriously restless, two are never alike, and a few simple tips might just be the tonic for your baby  – and parents. Routine is vital, and though it could be hit-and-miss for a few weeks, a lot of babies settle down with regular patterns. 

In the few weeks, your baby will probably sleep for about eight hours during the day, and another eight hours at night. These are average times, so we have sympathy if your cherished one doesn’t stick to the average figures! As your baby gets older, daytime sleep hours should decrease, whereas they’ll get more sleep at night. 

Let’s take a look at how your baby can benefit from sleeping tips, and therefore be the best prepared for their moment of glory in front of a camera. We’ll refer to your baby as “she”.

1. Try to sleep when she sleeps. Easier said than done, certainly, but even if this happens on occasion, you’ll be less stressed and have more energy. When you feel better, she’ll benefit too. 

2. Put her down to sleep as soon as she is fed and changed. 

3. At night, do not

  • Play with her.
  • Change her unless necessary.
  • Expose her to bright lights.

4. Have a routine, but always be prepared to change this routine to suit you.

5. Look out for signs of drowsiness, and act quickly! If she is quiet, undisturbed or not looking particularly interested in her surroundings, the sleep hormone melatonin is usually at its peak, so this is an excellent time to put her to sleep.

6. Watch out for high temperatures – room temperatures, that is. Like most humans, babies tend to sleep better in cooler environments. A temperature range of 19-22oC (66-71.5oF) is usually a solid starting point. 

7. Noise is generally a no-no when it comes to a baby’s sleeping routine, but a soft, monotonous sound like a fan may be just the trick to ensure a perfect night’s sleep. A little background noise can simulate the sounds of a womb, adding to her comfort.  

8. Some babies don’t like to be swaddled, but you should do your best to maintain this simple procedure. Think of swaddling as comfort and security. During the day, she might prefer to be more free; at night, try swaddling to boost security and improve her sleep. 

9. Try putting two dummies in her cot, so if she wakes up there’s more chance she’ll be able to find it on her own. If she wakes you up in the middle of the night, coax her gently to find the dummy herself. With a little bit of practice, she’ll be the master of her own dummy in a couple of weeks!

Even if one of these tips helps her get more rest, it’ll be a success. Be patient and understanding, and fingers crossed you’ll have a sleeping beauty at home!

Models Direct looks forward to hearing from you if you think your precious one would excel as a model. Please get in touch with us via the application form and we’ll do the rest!