Hello! – are you there?

“It’s good to talk”…..infact it’s essential at Models Direct!

We have all heard this very familiar phrase and in a time when we are all permanently glued to our smartphones you may be surprised to hear it’s harder than ever to get models to answer them – the Models Direct team explain why!!

Life as a model agent is varied and some might think glamorous, but often we spend hours a day trying to talk to models and end up speaking to voicemails, sending texts, emails or communicating over one of the numerous social media platforms trying to track models down with an assignment opportunity or to discuss their application, it can be highly frustrating!

Part of the application process at Models Direct is a chat on the phone with one of our experienced model coordinators. Your application will not be processed until a member of the team has spoken with you – it’s a big part of us testing your suitability for the Models Direct books, your skills, modelling experience and most importantly getting to know you better…it’s essential when Models Direct are looking for commitment – not answering your phone tells us alot!

Phones are quicker and a far better way to make model bookings – a big part of that, is you the model.

Why might Models Direct be calling me?

  • Phone Interview: To be in with a chance of being offered a modelling contract with Models Direct, we need to talk to you first, if you have made an application to us be ready to answer your phone.
  • Support: The modelling industry can be confusing, a member of the team may be calling you to see if you have any questions or wish to discuss any part of your modelling contract.
  • Skills and Stats Information: Client’s sometimes want models with specific statistics or skill set, this isn’t always possible to know from your online portfolio, so one of the team will call you to discuss.
  • We have a modelling opportunity for you!: It’s super frustrating when a model has been selected for work, but we can’t get in contact with them! The bookings team at Models Direct work really hard to find our models paid work, so when a model is successfully selected we need to be able to tell you!

Communication is key in the modelling industry, it shows commitment and a determination to succeed! Modelling is fast paced, by not answering your phone or not calling us back you may well be missing out on a big modelling opportunity, don’t ignore the call!