New faces, new beginnings for baby models

It’s not all about nappies.

New faces are always important in modelling, and they don’t come much newer than babies. Babies represent development and evolution, which is seen by clients as an opportunity to promote their products in an ever-growing world. Simply put, babies are the future. It’s not surprising that big names in the industry are casting their net wider for new faces. 

Obviously, babies cannot break into the modelling industry by themselves. Parents will always have biased views when it comes to their cherished “little ones”. A quick look on Facebook will reveal numerous photos uploaded by parents, with the customary positive comments from friends and other family members; impartiality goes out of the window. Never will favouritism be as prevalent when commenting on a friend’s baby or a cheeky nephew or niece. 

Parents rarely want their baby or toddler to grow up, such is the parental attachment and unconditional affection to their offspring. These are all natural actions, and for some parents the over-riding devotion to their baby could be the reason for not considering baby modelling. Parents can hear comments from others: “A baby model? Who does she think she is?” Or maybe, “What makes them think their baby is cuter than others?” However, it’s fair to say that a lot of babies are indeed right for modelling, and parental bias should be put aside. In short, if your baby has a happy disposition and endearing features, modelling could be perfect for them.  

There are many pros to taking the first small step into baby modelling with us. We are experts at placing babies in the right jobs and, with an extensive list of clients, we are confident that there is work available for your cherished one. We cap the age for baby modelling at 12 years, so the range is any age from a few months to pre-teen. Your baby’s modelling fees could be used to start a fund to be used later in life, or simply to be used at your discretion. First and foremost, we take great care in providing a safe and enjoyable environment for your little one to prosper as a model.

We always give you the job particulars prior to the assignment, so there are no hidden details on the day. As a parent, you are in complete control when accepting jobs. We’re also always interested in hearing from parents with twins, triplets or quadruplets – the more the merrier!

On that subject, the happiness of your baby should really show in modelling work. They should be comfortable in the company of strangers, and not be put off by bright lights. Assignments for babies are varied, but most will involve a little bit of travelling and camera work, so make sure that your baby won’t be affected by a change in their routine. After all, their safety is your (and our) number one priority.

Babies are used to promote everything from baby foods and nappies, to TV programmes, advertising campaigns and larger businesses. Please fill out our application form, together with a clear photo of your little one, and we’ll consider your submission as soon as possible. Our professional co-ordinators look forward to seeing your bright, happy baby – and hopefully they’ll be on the first rung of a successful modelling career ladder!