Family modelling – what do the families themselves say about it

Switch on the television, open a magazine or click into a website for a well-known consumer brand and you may well see a family smiling back at you.

Using a family group to promote a product, service or general sense of happiness around a top name is a tried and tested method of advertising and brand awareness these days.

Not only does it suggest contentment and easy everyday living, but it is also cleverly conceived so many of us look at the beaming faces and imagine ourselves doing whatever they are doing.

Of course, many of those who appear in family campaigns are individual models who have been put together for the job – but it is also interesting to note that some are real families!

Models Direct has a number of authentic families on their books and we have had great success in putting them forward as a group for the kinds of bookings they enjoy.

Clients like real families for a number of reasons:

  • They look natural on screen or in photographs together
  • Bookings are much easier to make and coordinate
  • They exist within the same social bubble, making it easier to work within Covid restrictions

But what do the families who take part in these assignments think?

At Models Direct we believe in letting prospective models, including family modelling groups, hear how other people got on when we sent them off to take part in family campaigns.

You can read all the latest reviews form our model famialies right here.

Check out how The Semedo family got on recently shooting for Morrisons:

“I honestly couldn’t be happier with the agency. Yesterday was our second assignment and one more time was a great experience. With Charlie on the other side everything goes stress free as she is always ready to clarify any questions/concerns and wastes no time in keeping us updated. The agency is always very supportive and professional. We are looking forward to the next assignment.”The Semedo Family

Here are a few of the highlights of what our models have said:

  • Working together is so much fun
  • It was an amazing experience for the children
  • We were nervous, but it was very exciting
  • It can be challenging, but everyone ensures the children have lots of relaxation time
  • We are always very well looked after by Models Direct
  • Everything is always very well organised
  • It is a fantastic way to earn a second income
  • It is a great way to start your child’s future in modelling
  • As a family we laughed all day

Find out more about the benefits of family modelling and then let us know if you think you and your loved ones would like to try it yourselves!