Fitting Modelling In Around A Career

Do you ever feel like there’s simply not enough hours in the day?

We suppose everyone’s been there. Our lives seem to get busier every month for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s looking after sons and daughters, keeping to appointments or socialising with friends, 21st century living has been a bit of a blur for some. It’s good to be busy but sometimes…sometimes we wish there was a little extra time to fit everything in.

Fortunately, even if your schedule demands constant investment, there are a few job opportunities that can fit in with your working lifestyle. And guess what? Commercial modelling is one of them – perhaps one of the UK’s most flexible opportunities to earn decent money!

Commercial modelling is especially achievable for people who have the talent and desire to succeed, without the full-time commitment. Moreover, we don’t even ask for part-time commitment from our commercial models.  This is because models who sign up with us are put forward for the most suitable jobs, and we fully understand that individuals may have to decline an opportunity because of prior engagements – or because they’re simply too busy. Basically, selected models can pick-and-choose the assignments that work best for them. If our models decline an opportunity, it doesn’t affect their future bookings…we’ll still contact our clients on their behalf for other assignments if the job is right up their street. No pressure, no commitment.  

All we initially ask from our models and other talent is that their  submissions are accurate and conform to our guidelines, and we’ll take it from there. After that, we may ask for more specific information. Our models should have the appetite to do well for our clients, and you’ll make new friends and enjoy yourself along the way. All our models should also be easily contactable and dependable after accepting assignments. But it’s very much the choice of an individual model whether they would like to go for the assignment we put them forward for. Now, how flexible is that?

In fact, commercial modelling is so flexible that many of our successful models have other full or part-time jobs. We’ve never stated that commercial modelling is a full-time job. It can be, but it’s unlikely. A lot of our models enjoy a full-time career in completely different industries, and this adds value to our work – and theirs.

Numerous assignments cry out for “typical” people to assist in their advertising campaigns. What better than an enthusiastic model who has another job and comes across on camera or film as precisely that? And we’re not just talking about individuals; families are also highly prized, even when mum & dad are professionals in other industries and the children are at school. Indeed, this is often exactly what our clients look for!           

Whatever your career, lifestyle or background, we hope you have been keeping busy – and continue to do so. Commercial modelling doesn’t hinder a model’s full-time career, and we should know – Models Direct has been at the top of commercial modelling for decades, and most of our models have other jobs.

So, if you are enjoying another career but want to display your modelling talents to us and our clients, you’ll benefit from the following:

·       100% flexibility.

·       Well-paid work.

·       Enjoyment.

·       New contacts.

·       The envy of all your friends.

What’s not to like?