The Models Direct Bookings Team

We’d like to let our models know a little more about how we work. Call it “behind the scenes” insight.

What happens when a client wants to hire a model?

An important aspect of our process is how models are selected for modelling assignments: the hiring process. It’s not as straightforward as “client informs us of a job, model gets job”. This is not how agencies operate. So, in this blog, we’ll shed some light on how models are selected, and how the hiring process works here at Models Direct HQ.  

The first thing models need to bear in mind is that we do not select the models for their jobs. What we mean is, the final decision is made by our clients. This can be a little confusing, because a lot of models assume that when they join a successful agency, it’s the agency’s booking team that gives models the “green light” for all jobs. This is not the case. Clients have the final say-so. After all, it’s our clients that stump up the money for their modelling requirements.

The role of our bookings team is to screen our models and match the most suitable to the requirements of the particular job. An example is perfectly illustrated below:

Job: Male models aged between 35-50 years required for a Christmas campaign shoot.

Bookings team’s action: Search male models in the requested age range. Though we pay for travel expenses, geographical location is taken into account. Experience can also be considered (although, as we always stress, new models with no experience can just as easily be considered!). Our bookings team then contacts the client and a provides a selection of suitable models who would excel in the role. The client then chooses the model(s) they’d like for the campaign.

So, without an agency, models wouldn’t even be considered in the first instance. We have worked hard to accumulate a growing list of reputable clients, and this alone is a major advantage of joining an agency: clients don’t consider unsolicited applications made by models. It’s our job to put you forward for our clients to make the final decision.

Our clients have trusted our bookings team to hire models for years. They value our team’s skill in putting forward the models that fit the bill, and it cuts out the middleman. Whenever a model’s looks and talent is required, we propose all our models that we think our clients are looking for. From then on, it’s down to our client to make the relevant choices.

As the phrase goes, “you’ve got to be in it to win it”. This is something that models need to remember when asking themselves what a reputable agency can do for them. We’re here for our models, and we always have our model’s interests and aspirations at heart.   

The hiring process starts with models filling out their application. Then it’s our job to start the ball rolling by evaluating our models and making sure our clients know which skills our models can bring to the table. After that, it’s up to our clients to make the final decision.

It’s been a winning formula for decades, and it’s one of the reasons why we’re thriving – as well as our models and clients!

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