Fitness Modelling – Have you got fit during lockdown?

“Looking gooood!”

“Which workouts do you do?”

“Lost weight recently?”

“Lockdown has treated you well!”

If these compliments have been aimed at you, then you might be in the best shape of your life. Good for you!

The past few months have been extraordinary and troubling in equal measure. However, we should take some positives from the national depression, and one in particular is evident: lockdown has given us the perfect motivation to maintain a long overdue exercise regime. Well, holidays are currently forbidden and hospitality venues are far from hospitable. Bingo! There have been no excuses (though parents knuckling down to home schooling may have something to say about that…)

The bottom line is that most people have had far more extra time on their hands. If you’ve put that to good use to finally shed a few pounds and increase muscle definition, why not “treat” yourself by looking into fitness modelling? Sure, getting in shape is a personal achievement and the end product could be simply improving general health, but if you can add to your bank account having lost a few pounds, it’s a no-brainer.    

You don’t have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime to be considered a fitness model (we’ll leave that for bodybuilding models). Fitness models may already possess beneficial traits that serve all models well:

1. Motivation. This is a star quality needed to keep going, even when the going gets tough.

2. Discipline. Sticking to a routine is a secret many models know only too well.

3. Professionalism. You’re not getting fit professionally as such, although you can bring your skill sets to a modelling job and act accordingly.

4. Enjoyment. OK, so the first few weeks of your workouts will be gruelling and hardly the definition of enjoyable, although many fitness converts will admit the longer they stick to the plan, the more pleasure they get. And you can bring that satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment into your modelling assignments (you’ll already have developed a healthy glow, so keep using it!)

Modelling and fitness goes together like a fine Bordeaux and a mature Stilton. We’ve previously stressed that models don’t need to be a certain size, weight, gender or age – we have plenty of opportunities for everyone with the determination to succeed in the industry. On the other hand, we have plenty of assignments that scream out specifically for fitness models, so the better shape you’re in, the greater the likelihood of being chosen.

Also, fitness modelling is all-inclusive in its own right. We know clients that have requested disabled fitness models and more mature fitness models – if you look good in sportswear, get in touch with us!

A myth that we should bust is that fitness models only model fitness clothing. Not true. Whilst the sports clothing market is huge and ever growing, there are plenty of other avenues we explore with our client’s guidance. We have placed hundreds of fitness models on photographic and advertising shoots aside from 100% fashion gigs. Here are some possibilities for fitness models:

1. Gyms. Gym membership traditionally soars in the New Year, but can fall once summer is over. Models are important to make a connection with the public and to entice new members whatever the time of year.

2. Home fitness equipment. From treadmills to exercise bikes, weights to gym mats, all fitness companies need models to promote their products – whether online or in print.

3. Hotels. Any large hotel worth its salt will have either a swimming pool or gym. In fact, these are often a requirement for many potential guests.

4. Health foods / well being. Food supplements and vitamins are popular with fitness fanatics, so fitness models are the obvious choice to help with sales.

5. Travel. Ever seen a family in a brochure lounging around a hotel pool or a suntanned holidaymaker online in sunglasses and shorts soaking up the rays on a beach? Chances are these are fitness models selling the dream. Tour operators love fitness models too! 

Bookings for fitness models are plentiful and – more importantly – realistic for everyday people just like you. Whether your new look is due to years of hard graft or simply the result of a quick lockdown workout, why not show off your physique and apply as one of our fitness models? You’ll already have the motivation, so what’s stopping you?